Energy Innovation Task Force


Buncombe County, the City of Asheville and Duke Energy Progress established a collaborative task force known as the Energy Innovation Task Force to research and recommend energy efficiency and demand-side management programs in Buncombe County. Members have been appointed from local government, environmental and clean energy advocates, large and small businesses, local institutions and Duke Energy Progress. This Task Force will seek input from and engagement with the public as an integral part of its mission to produce recommendations for consideration by Duke Energy (subject to appropriate NC Utilities Commission approval, Buncombe County Commissioners, the Asheville City Council, and other potential community partners).

The task force has two goals:

  1. Avoid or delay the construction of an additional fossil fuel-powered combustion turbine electricity generation facility at the Asheville Plant site in 2023; and
  2. Transition Western North Carolina to a cleaner, affordable and smarter energy future through community engagement and collaboration that is mutually beneficial to the community, customers and Duke Energy Progress

Check out a video introducing the Blue Horizons Project!

EITF Member List 
Council Resolution - March 22, 2016
Overview - Rocky Mountain Institute Presentation
Summary Document - Rocky Mountain Institute

Happening Now

The Energy Innovation Task Force (EITF) had its initial meeting on May 13, 2016. Regular meetings are held on the second Friday of every other month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on June 14th in the Buncombe County board room at 200 College Street from 10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.

To receive meeting updates via email please join the EITF Information Google Group HERE.

In addition, the EITF has formed four work groups that will undertake research and discussion on specific aspects of the EITF's plan and that are open to any member of the public who wants to contribute in a more focused way.

Work Groups

Programs Work Group: For more information please contact Sam Ruark at or sign up for the Google Group HERE.

Technology Work Group: Meetings occur the first Thursday of every month from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. For more information, please contact Robert Sipes at  or sign up for the Google Group HERE.

Community Engagement Work GroupFor more information please contact Sophie Mullinax at or sign up for the Google Group HERE.

Peak Reduction Work Group: For more information, please sign up for the Google Group HERE.



Meeting Date Documents
April 12, 2019 

Meeting Agenda

Blue Horizons Project 2019 Work Plan

North Carolina Utilities Commission Data Access Docket

DRAFT February Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2019

Meeting Agenda 

December Meeting Minutes Approved

Blue Horizons Project 2018 Review and 2019 Focus Areas

December 14, 2018 

Meeting Agenda

Blue Horizons Project Goal Update

October Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2 018 

Meeting Agenda

August Meeting Minutes

Blue Horizons Project Goal Update

August 10, 2018 

Meeting Agenda

Blue Horizons Project Goal Update

July 13, 2018  Meeting Cancelled 
June 8, 2018 

Meeting Agenda

BHP Member Invitation

May 11, 2018

Meeting Cancelled

April 13, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Blue Horizons Affiliates March 15th Meeting Notes

Community Engagement Racial Equity Toolkit

Meeting Notes

March 9, 2018

Meeting Agenda 

DRAFT Meeting Notes

February 9, 2018

Meeting Agenda

EITF Charter - Fina

Blue Horizons Project Goals - DRAFT 2.0

Non-Core Partner Workshop Meeting Notes

Non-Core Partner Workshop Presentation

DEP Solar Rebate Fact Sheet

DEP Shared Solar Fact Sheet

DEP Green Source Rider Fact Sheet

Meeting Notes

 January 12, 2018

Meeting Agenda

2017 Report

Draft EITF Charter

Draft Blue Horizons Project Goals

Meeting Notes

December 8, 2017  Meeting Cancelled
November 10, 2017

Meeting Agenda

Shelton Group Presentation - Blue Horizons Marketing Communications Recommendations

Meeting Notes

October 13, 2017

Meeting Agenda

RMI Synthesis Report

Blue Horizons Project Branding Recommendations

September Joint Workshop Update

Meeting Notes

September 15, 2017

Meeting Agenda

Shelton Group Presentation

September 7th Meeting Materials

August 11, 2017

Meeting Agenda

Shelton Group Update

Meeting Notes

July 14, 2017

Meeting Agenda

RMI Presentation / Recommendations

RMI Solutions Input Tool

RMI Energy Efficiency Market Potential Model

Meeting Notes

June 19, 2017 Webinar for RMI Presentation Part II
RMI Presentation Part II Slides

You can find the entire RMI Presentation (Part I & II Combined) here.
June 9, 2017 Meeting Agenda
RMI Presentation - Part I
Meeting Notes
May 12, 2017

Meeting Agenda
Cathy Scott Presentation
Tyler Garrison Presentation
Seffi Raush Presentation
NC Leaders Letter
Endorse Carbon Fee and Dividend
Bill Mahoney Presentation
Energy Saver's Network
Energy Saver's Network Brochure
Debbie Resnick Presentation
Sam Ruark Presentation
Beatrice Nathan Presentation

Meeting Notes

April 7, 2017

Meeting Agenda
City Recommendations
County Recommendations
Duke Energy Technology Update
SACEE Letter of Recommendations to City Council

Meeting Notes

March 10, 2017

Meeting Agenda
EITF Technology Workgroup Presentation
RMI Revised Scope Presentation
Duke/Shelton Group Presentation
Programs Group Priority Recommendations - City
Programs Group Priority Recommendations - County
Programs Group Priority Recommendations - Duke Energy

Meeting Notes

February 9, 2017 Meeting Agenda
February 2, 2017 DEP Western Carolinas Modernization - AMI 
January 2017 Meeting Cancelled
December 14, 2016 Meeting Agenda
Existing DEP Programs Presentation
Energy Use in DEP-West Presentation
RMI EITF Process Update
November 11, 2016 Meeting Agenda
Baseline and Targets RMI Presentation
Process Update RMI Presentation
Programs Work Group Presentation
October 14, 2016 Meeting Agenda
RMI Overview of Process Design
Meeting Notes
Data Request List
September 9, 2016 Meeting Agenda
RMI-Progressing the Work of the EITF
Technologies Work Group Presentation
Meeting Notes
August 15, 2016 Meeting Agenda
Duke Energy Presentation
Meeting Notes
July 8, 2016 Meeting Video Part 1
Meeting Video Part 2
7.8.16 Michael Youth Presentation 
7.8.16 IRP Overview
7.8.16 Sam Ruark Model Programs Presentation
June 10, 2016 Meeting Agenda
Meeting Notes
May 13, 2016 First Meeting Agenda of the Energy Innovation Task Force
Meeting Notes
February 7, 2016 Overview of the Energy Innovation Task Force - Joint Meeting of Buncombe County Commission and Asheville City Council


Contact Information

Councilor Julie Mayfield
City of Asheville

Commissioner Brownie Newman
Buncombe County

Jason Walls
Duke Energy