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Right now, the City of Asheville is working with their partner, the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville on a master plan for about 60 acres of land in Deaverview. They are following the Purpose Built Communities model, which focuses on the many different parts of communities and places that can help residents live healthy and successful lives. Purpose Built Communities has worked with many neighborhoods across the country, and the vision for the Deaverview site is to build new affordable, mixed-income housing, a City Parks & Recreation Community center, and other important amenities and services.

The plan for the site is being designed currently. The City of Asheville invites residents and neighbors to be involved in the planning process and wishes to make everything as open and transparent as possible. The City values and appreciates the feedback of our residents. Please check back on this page periodically for opportunities to participate in meetings and surveys.


A few years ago, the City started looking at 16 acres it owns at 411 Deaverview Road to plan the building of affordable housing, which it then called Cedar Hill. The plan was to engage the community and then look for a developer who wanted to build this affordable housing. Between staff and the community working together to create a vision, the City realized that this project had to be more than just building housing. Residents wanted to create a real place to build a community, with mixed-income affordable housing, green space, important services, education, and a community center.

As plans started to take shape, the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville became involved because it wants to build new and better housing for the residents of Deaverview Apartments. There were also an additional 21 acres of vacant land at 65 Ford Street, right between the land the City currently owns and the Deaverview Apartments. A new concept emerged that would include developing all three parcels together (a total of 56 acres).

In 2020, conversations began with Purpose Built Communities. Purpose Built Communities has an innovative model for improving neighborhoods through looking at what it takes to make the lives of the people in those neighborhoods healthy and successful. Mixed-income housing, health and wellness, education, and opportunity are part of the vision to renew communities and advance racial equity. Purpose Built Communities has revitalized numerous neighborhoods across the country, and hopes to bring their vision to Asheville and to this project in Deaverview. See their flyer below in “Supporting Documents” for more details.



June 2018 – Community input on property at Deaverview

2020 – Conversations began with Purpose Built Communities

2021 – Master planning with residents and stakeholders

2022 – Getting permits and funding

2023 – 2025 – Construction of Deaverview Purpose Built Community


Supporting Documents

Deaverview Take-Home Flyer

Community Meeting Flyer

Community Meeting Summary Sheet

Deaverview Visioning Study

Deaverview Market Study


Contact Information

Dennis Newburn, Community Development Division Manager



Updated 1/27/2021


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