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The final design for this project has been completed and is being reviewed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Bidding for construction is anticipated for summer 2024.



The Greenway Connectors are on-road improvements in two project areas for bike and pedestrian safety and way-finding. The objective of this project is to connect greenways in the project area and provide safe passage for pedestrians and bicyclists from one greenway trailhead to another. We will aim to provide these improvements by working within the right-of-way of the streets. In addition, a way-finding system will need to be developed for the connectors. This project is really two construction projects on each side of the (future) Nasty Branch Greenway located in the Southside neighborhood. The two project areas are the following:

  1. From the eastern trailhead of the Nasty Branch Greenway on the corner of Phifer Street and McDowell Avenue through Southside Avenue, Short Coxe Avenue, Biltmore Avenue, and Buchanan Avenue, ending at the parking lot of Memorial Stadium. The connector will remain within the right-of-way of the street.
  2. From the western trailhead of Nasty Branch Greenway on Depot Street just south of the Dr. Wesley Grant Center to the southern trailhead of the Bacoate Branch Greenway on Clingman Extension. The connector should remain within the right-of-way of the street unless infeasible.  An extension of the connector way-finding system will be applied from Depot Street to Riverside Drive on Lyman Street.
map of proposed greenway connector projects
Map of proposed greenway connector projects













This video provides a more detailed explanation of the greenway connector project.



This project is funded in part by the voter-approved 2016 bond initiative. Additionally, this project has received grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration via the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which is administered by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. 


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June 2023 – Design and easement acquisition complete
Summer 2024 – Bidding for Construction
Fall 2024 – Anticipated project completion 



Lucy Crown, Transportation

Susannah Horton, Project Manager

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