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Community Meeting

Monday, October 25

5:30 – 7 p.m.

West Asheville Park, 198 Vermont Avenue

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As part of the bond projects initiative, the City of Asheville is preparing to replace sidewalks on Vermont Avenue in West Asheville. This project focuses on pedestrian enhancements, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements and crosswalk improvements.

    • This project is scheduled for construction in 2022.
    • The sidewalk project, however, poses some challenges.
    • Built many years ago, the Vermont Avenue sidewalk does not conform to current City and ADA requirements. 
    • Vermont Avenue also has large trees lining the street.  Over time, the tree roots have damaged the existing sidewalks.  The trees are now aging, rotting and in decline, and so must be removed. That will be a part of this project.
    • The City cares about tree canopy and preserving neighborhood character and is looking at options for tree replacements.
    • There were also choices to be made in terms of whether to replace the existing sidewalk on both sides of the street, or replace sidewalk on one side of the street and extend it down to West Asheville Park for greater neighborhood connectivity.
    • Three options were presented for community input.  The order of community preference was as follows:


While Concept 3 was preferred, many also liked the idea of extending the sidewalk down to West Asheville Park, the community requested the City consider a hybrid of Concept 3 and Concept 2 to replace the existing sidewalk on both sides of the street and extend it down to West Asheville Park.  

    • After careful investigation of a number of hybrid scenarios, we were unable to do both and stay within the allotted budget.  So we are focusing on replacing the existing sidewalk on both sides of the street using the preferred Concept 3. 
    • Question for residents who live along Vermont Avenue within the project limits:
      • Would you like to have a street tree in front of your house?  This means you will lose an on-street parking space to accommodate the tree and planter.



March 2022 – Design complete.

September 2022 – Construction complete.


Supporting Documents

Results of 2019 Survey

Conceptual Design

Existing Tree Assessment Report

Suitable Street Trees


Contact Information

Lora Sepion, Capital Projects Project Manager



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