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Why review the structure? 

Continuous Improvement: City leadership is constantly reviewing if we can do things more effectively.  Many of our boards and commissions have been around a long time, even dating back to the 1960s.  In that time there has not been an overall assessment of this important City support system.  

The City of Asheville staff has created a proposal to realign the advisory boards to address challenges within the current system. 

Staff will continue to gather public input and work with the Realignment Working Group; our collective goal is to make a recommendation to the City Council that results in a more Inclusive, Strategic and Efficient board and commission structure.

Why now?

Accessible government: We’ve heard from the community that we need to improve the accessibility of government. 

Staff capacity: The size and complexity of the current structure has put a strain on staff and is unsustainable as it currently is. Staff would like to explore ideas to maximize and diversify support. 

What are the goals of realigning? 

Inclusive: the system would maximize opportunities for City Council (and staff) to hear from a diverse representation of our community. 

Efficient: The system would have 1) a clear path for items to flow from the community to City Council; and 2) a transparent way for Council to request community input on policy decisions.

Strategic: Connect advisory board work to Council-identified priorities while maintaining opportunities for the addition of new ideas through Council Committee guidance.



The Realignment Working Group will meet through September of 2022. 


Supporting Documents

Please visit the Public Input page at https://publicinput.com/C1401 to find more information and to subscribe for updates. 



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