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Last updated or reviewed on January 19, 2022

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Downtown Public Space Management – Thank you for your input!

Staff is working with a Committee of the Downtown Commission on the development of Downtown Public Space Management Guidelines as the first section of updates to the Downtown Master Plan.

The Public Space Management Committee is chaired by Andrew Fletcher and generally meets on the first Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. More information about the Downtown Commission and its Committees is here.

A survey was available between August 12 and September 23 of 2019 to get feedback on how downtown public spaces (most specifically streets and sidewalks) are currently used and experienced, and to get input on what priorities should be considered in the guidelines.

On October 22, 2019 the Committee participated in a workshop to review survey results, rank priorities and identify focus areas to be addressed by the Guidelines.

Notice: summary of results

Notice:  full survey results

Informed by survey feedback and guidance of the Committee, staff is currently drafting the Public Space Management Guidelines. Once a draft is complete, the Committee will reconvene to review and provide feedback. The Guidelines will then go to the Downtown Commission for review.




The Downtown Master Plan Updates will build on the Downtown Master Plan and Appendices (completed in 2009), to take a deeper dive into specific topics of focus related to the public realm. The Master Plan Updates will help address concerns about management of public spaces, enhancement of community character and expanded options for place-making. The Updates will respond to the growing popularity and number of people experiencing downtown, with goals to expand downtown vitality, facilitate local business and enhance livability while managing growing demands on downtown services and competing interests for use of space.

The Downtown Master Plan Updates will result in policy statements, best management procedures, possible UDO changes and downtown corridor/district studies to create better management guidance for downtown. There will be three sections of the updates.


Public Space Management

  • Public space management guidelines
  • Management framework


Urban Design and Ordinance Updates

  • UDO amendments
  • Zoning map amendments
  • Design Guideline updates
  • Preservation Plan recommendations


Corridor and District Placemaking and Streetscapes

  • Downtown-wide development/streetscape standards (such as lighting, signage, seating, crosswalks)
  • Consideration of sub-district areas that may have unique elements/standards that pertain to the character area/neighborhood of downtown such as sidewalk patterns,
    trees, seating and other enhanced place-making
  • Planning for additional green spaces in downtown in order to
    enhance quality of life and quality experiences


Contact Information


Dana Frankel, Downtown Specialist

Todd Okolichany, Planning and Urban Design Director


Updated 01/27/2020


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