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3/21/24 Update: Construction on the next phase of the Carter-Ann-Patton Stormwater Improvement project is expected to resume during the week of March 25, 2024.  The upcoming phase will include the construction of several new stormwater catch basins on the north side of Patton Ave, between N. Ann St. and Clingman Ave., as well as sidewalk reconstruction.

Construction on the stormwater catch basins and sidewalks will be completed between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays.  This phase of work is anticipated to take two weeks to complete depending on weather, and will include lane closures that require westbound traffic to shift to the south side of Patton Ave. during construction.  A single lane in each direction will remain open, and traffic will not be detoured for this phase of construction.

Reconstruction of the sidewalk along Patton Ave will take several months to be completed, and will run concurrently with upcoming phases after the current phase is complete.  This work will include temporarily relocating the bus shelter at the northeast corner of Patton Ave and Clingman Ave further east on Patton Ave between Carter St. and N. Ann St., in front of Jan Davis Tire Store.

As the City undertakes making improvements to the area, we ask for your patience and caution as you may encounter large equipment and other construction related impacts. The City of Asheville will continue to update this page as work progresses.  Please sign up for future updates here.

Upcoming Work

The first of four major remaining phases of construction will start in April, with a detailed construction timeline to be updated and shared prior to work beginning.  The upcoming phase and associated road closures are as follows:

Water Main Relocation (Start: Early/Mid April 2024 – Estimated time: 2 weeks)

  • A water main on Patton Ave. will be connected to an adjacent parallel water main to allow space for the new storm system.
  • Carter St. will be closed to thru-traffic. Vehicles accessing businesses on Carter St. will still be able to access as needed. 
  • The south end of Carter St. near the intersection with Patton Ave.will be fully closed.

Any disruptions with water service during this time will be noticed through AVL Alert. You can sign up here.



Moderate to heavy rain storms create localized flooding near the intersection of Carter St., Patton Ave., and S. Ann St.  A new stormwater system will be constructed within the public right-of-way on Patton Ave. that connects existing stormwater systems on Carter St. and N. French Broad Ave. to the existing storm system on Pearl St. via S. Ann St.  New inlets along Patton Ave., Carter St., and S. Ann St. will provide additional street drainage to reduce ponding and the associated spraying of vehicles and pedestrians during storms.

Improvements being made throughout this project:

  • Reduced area flooding and stormwater system upgrades
  • New ADA-accessible sidewalks on Patton Ave.
  • New high-visibility crosswalks in the project area
  • Street resurfacing with manhole utility cover adjustments
  • Lamp posts in keeping with existing historic style
  • Planting trees on Patton Ave. more suited to thrive in an urban setting. (The trees will be replaced in the fall during their optimal planting season.)

Pedestrian safety improvements will be made to the intersection of Patton Ave. and Clingman Ave. in coordination with NCDOT. Additional ADA accessibility improvements will be made to the sidewalks along Patton Ave. 

This project is being performed by the Public Works Stormwater Division in advance of scheduled resurfacing of this portion of Patton Ave., in coordination with the Public Works Streets Division.



  • February: Issued Request For Qualifications (RFQ) and selected design consultant
  • December: Contract start date


  • March: Due diligence & existing conditions analysis completed
  • Summer: Preliminary design
  • Fall: Design development, construction drawings, easements
  • Fall: Community questions and outreach via publicinput.com


  • Spring: Additional scope of ADA improvements at Clingman intersection added
  • Fall: Additional scope of ADA improvements to Patton Ave. sidewalks and driveways
  • Winter: 2021 / 2022 Final Design


  • Summer: A walking tour and virtual information session were held as part of community outreach. 
  • Winter: Community outreach for anticipated construction schedule. 
  • December: Contractor started construction. 


Spring/Summer: Installation of storm system along S. Ann St., and along Patton Ave. from S. Ann St. to Carter St. completed. 

  • Fall: Reconstruction of sidewalk along south side of Patton Ave. completed.
  • Winter: Subsurface utility exploration and engineering revision completed.


  • March: Construction will resume on Patton Ave. to install catch basins west of N. Ann St. Reconstruction of sidewalk along north side of Patton Ave. to begin.
  • April: Water main relocation to be completed.  Construction of the storm system at the intersection of Patton Ave. and Pearl St. to begin.
  • May: Construction of storm system at Patton Ave. & Pearl St. to be completed.  Construction of the storm system at the intersection of Patton Ave. and Carter St. to resume.
  • Summer: Construction of storm system on Patton Ave. from Carter St. to the east side of French Broad Ave. to be completed via subsurface jack & bore operation.
  • Fall:
    • Construction of Carter St. storm system and reconstruction of Carter St. sidewalk.  Reconstruction of Patton Ave. sidewalk to be completed.
    • Trees planted.
    • Roadway repaving
    • Anticipated project completion

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