How your City government works


City Council of Asheville


The City of Asheville operates under a council-manager form
of government. The Asheville City Council establishes the city’s
policies. The City Council is made up of a mayor and six council
members who are elected at-large for four-year, staggered terms.
The City Council appoints a city manager who oversees day-to-
day city operations and executes Council-established laws and
policies. The city manager also ensures the entire community
is being served.

Asheville City Council meetings are televised live on the
Asheville City Channel, typically at 5:00 p.m. on the second
and fourth Tuesday of every month.

Contact Maggie Burleson at or 828-259-5601 to be added to the email distribution list to receive City Council agendas and City Council related notifications.


City Council


Council Activity

NOTICE: Due to the locally declared State of Emergency and Stay Safe, Stay Home order, there will be no public attendance at City Council meetings.

For July 14 Meeting

While we are Staying Safer at Home, City Council wants you to still have the opportunity to participate in the decisions of your government.  There are 3 options for providing public comment.


All voicemail public comments must be received by 5 p.m. July 13 by calling the City’s Toll-Free Public Input Line at 855-925-2801, meeting code: 9553. Before commenting, please state your name, City of residence and the item you are commenting on (Examples: Consent Agenda Item A, Public Hearing Item B, Open Public Comment).

Comments will be limited to three minutes per person per item.  All comments must conform to City Council rules of decorum.  Those comments that do not may be excluded.  City Council will receive the transcribed voicemail comments and the comments will be posted, but they will not be heard during the Council meeting.

Live call-in

Public comment will also be taken from a live speaker queue. For this option, community members should listen to the meeting by phone by calling 855-925-2801, meeting code: 9553. Your phone will be muted and you will hear the meeting live. At this point callers will hear, “for more options please press *.” Pressing * will allow callers to continue to listen live and join a speaker queue. Callers should only join the speaker queue during the time the agenda item on which they would like to speak is being discussed.

 Calls will be played during the Council meeting in the order received for up to an hour for each agenda
item.  All comments will be limited to 3 minutes per person per item.  Additionally, all comments must
conform to City Council rules of decorum.  Those comments that do not may be muted.


Comments can also be submitted by emailing   For the public hearing items, emails will be accepted for up to 24 hours after the close of each public hearing.   City Council will receive the emailed comments electronically and the comments will be posted, but they will not be read during the Council meeting.

How to follow the live meeting

  • Call toll-free to listen to the meeting on your phone: 855-925-2801, meeting code: 9553. Your phone will be muted but you will be able to hear what is happening in the meeting.

  • Watch the live stream through the City of Asheville Public Engagement Hub at

  • In addition to the stream on the Virtual Engagement Hub, a live stream of the meeting is also available on the City’s YouTube Channel at All who want to view the meeting without engaging are encouraged to view through this channel.

  • Watch on Charter Cable channel 193 and on AT&T U-Verse channel 99.

If you are watching the meeting through your television or the live stream while you are listening to the meeting by phone, please be sure to turn down the volume on your television or computer. Please also be aware there is a broadcast delay of 4-10 seconds. Television has the least delay at about 4 seconds.




What does the city do?


How do I get involved?


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There are many ways to get involved, ranging from serving on a committee, attending a committee or council meeting, contacting council, volunteering, and more.