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The City of Asheville is wrapping up a multi-year process to update the City’s Greenway Plan (G), ADA Transition Plan* (A), and Pedestrian Plan (P). *By ADA transition we are specifically looking at accessibility improvements within the rights-of-way on our street network.

This process, known as Close the GAP, has identified greenway, accessibility, and pedestrian networks for our community as well as programs and policies to support the expansion of these networks. We combined these plans because the community’s overall pedestrian network will be a stronger one if the three aspects – greenways, ADA accessibility, and pedestrian networks are planned at the same time.


Draft Plan Available for Review

The final draft of the GAP Plan is available at this link or by clicking the cover image below.



Why Does Close the Gap Matter?


Most Recent Public Engagement Meetings


Final Round of Public Engagement – January 2022

Present to Boards and Commissions – February – April 2022

Final Draft of the Plan – September 2022

Present to Council for adoption – October 2022


Supporting Information

2005 Pedestrian Plan

2013 Greenway Master Plan

RiverLink’s Wilma Dykeman Riverway Plan

Proposed Access for Pedestrian Facilities in Public Right-of Way

Storymap: What is Close the GAP?

Storymap: What is Asheville Unpaved?

Glossary of Transportation Terms


Contact Information

Lucy Crown, Greenway Coordinator




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