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Voluntary Annexation of this land is the last part of the process to add the property to the City’s Parks and Recreation system and complete this portion of the bond program. A public hearing is set for December 14, 2021 at City Council to approve the annexation and set the zoning for the property. 




On September 27, 2021, the City of Asheville purchased a 10.88 acre tract of land owned by Carolina Day School adjacent to their athletic facilities at 2351 Sweeten Creek Road. The funding for this purchase comes from the 2016 general obligation bond approved by Asheville voters of which $2 million was allocated for park land acquisition and development in South Asheville. The purchase price of this property was $1,500,000. City Council approved conditions of purchase in closed session in March 2021. 


This wooded and undeveloped site will add a park to south Asheville providing an open space for all residents of Asheville to enjoy. The addition of this park meets City Council’s goals from the 2009 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan which identifies a lack of parks and recreation opportunities in this part of the city. 


Future enhancements on the property may include walking trails, a parking area, and passive recreation amenities. These decisions and park naming will be determined through a public engagement process expected to take place in 2022.




2009Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan identifies lack of facilities in south Asheville neighborhoods


November 2016Asheville voters approve General Obligation Bond for $2 million in park land acquisition


March 2021 – City Council approves purchase of property in closed session


September 2021 – property is purchased from Carolina Day School



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Pete Wall, Parks Division Manager



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