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The City of Asheville received grant funding from the French Broad River Metropolitan Organization (FBRMPO) to conduct a $50,000 feasibility study for the remaining sections of the Reed Creek Greenway. There are two undeveloped sections:  The northern section from the intersection of WT Weaver Blvd and Broadway Ave.; and the southern section starting at Elizabeth St. and terminating at the Bacoate Branch Greenway trailhead near the intersection of Clingman Ave and Hilliard (Merritt St.)

The feasibility study has the following objectives: 

  • Investigate the alternative alignments that can complete the Reed Creek Greenway
  • Select the preferred alignments to advance for capital project development
  • Engage with property owners and stakeholders including City of Asheville departments; the Montford Neighborhood Association; the NCDOT; UNC-Asheville, the Asheville Botanical Garden Board; Isaac Dickson School; and private property owners
  • Procure cost estimates to begin capital project planning.

The completion of the Reed Creek Greenway Corridor is an important part of the larger greenway network. It will strengthen transportation connectivity from downtown to North Asheville, UNCA, and the River Arts District. 



The French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (FBRMPO) is a partnership between local and state government that makes decisions about transportation planning in urbanized areas. The FBRMPO is responsible for a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), which acts as a budget and guide for the upcoming fiscal year planning activities. The FBRMPO UPWP includes special studies scheduled to take place during the fiscal year. The Reed Creek Greenway Feasibility Study is one such study planned for funding in Fiscal Year 2023 through the UPWP. The City released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in December 2022 for submittals from qualified firms to complete the study. A firm is anticipated to be chosen in January 2023, with an estimated September 2023 study completion date. 



January 2021UPWP Grant Application Resolution

November 2021FBRMP/City Grant Agreement

January 2023 – Consultant selected to conduct the study

May 2023 – Public Engagement

September 2023 – Estimated Study Completion


Supporting Information

2005 Pedestrian Plan

2013 Greenway Master Plan

FBRMPO/City Grant Agreement

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

RFQ Addendum #1

Reed Creek Greenway Connection Map

Storymap: What is Close the GAP?

Glossary of Transportation Terms


Contact Information

Hayley Burton, Transportation Planner II 




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