Southside Engagement Opportunities

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Happening Now

In a citizen-led process, close to 150 community members participated in a Jan. 31 Southside Town Hall Meeting. Facilitated by Tyrone Greenlee, Director of Christians for a United Community, participants discussed recreational opportunities for the Southside neighborhood, including:

  • The location of a new pool for the Southside community;
  • A more attractive Walton Street Park; and
  • The next phase for the Grant Southside Center.

On February 28, the City of Asheville held the first in a series of community meetings where residents participated in a hands-on exercise to help develop options for the design for Walton Street Park/Pool and Phase 2 of the Grant Southside Center.


A survey to gather community input on what services and programs will be featured in the designs for Walton Park and the Grant Southside Center was made available at the Grant Southside and Edington Centers in January. It was also passed out at the January meeting. The same survey was available online at Open City Hall Asheville. Deadline for participation was Feb. 18. City staff members have compiled the results, which were shared with the community during the Feb. 28 meeting. 


Community survey completed - see the results here


Paper copy results were entered by staff into the Open City Hall online survey so they would be included in the survey results linked above. To view the individual paper copy surveys, please click here.

What’s next?

 Your park, your pool and your recreation facilities!

And the City needs your input into their design and development of future programs and services.

Asheville Parks & Recreation will share information from the Community Survey regarding Walton Street Park and the Wesley Grant Southside Center and present design concepts developed from the Community Survey information.

Community members will participate in a hands-on exercise to help develop options for the design for Walton Street Park/Pool and Phase 2 of the Grant Southside Center

Please attend one or all of these meetings:

  • March 7 – 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Arthur Edington Center
  • March 9 – 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Arthur Edington Center
  • March 18 (Saturday) – 2 to 4 pm at the Grant Southside Center
  • March 21 - 5:30 to 7:30 pm Arthur Edington Center
  • March 23 - 11:30 am to 1:30 pm Arthur Edington Center

Meetings with the community’s youth, ages 18 and under, will also be held. The dates for these meetings have yet to be determined. The City is seeking input on design, program and services from area youth who will use the facilities.


Other phases in this public engagement later this year include:

Spring and summer 2017

  • Development of facility design alternatives
  • Ongoing involvement of 18 and under residents for input
  • Community meetings to check out alternatives and identify best options – TBD
  • Information about which options can be built at the existing locations

Fall 2017

  • Community meetings to determine what programs and services will be offered in facilities
  • Weekly updates available at the Grant Southside Center on progress of design, construction and program/services to be offered at Walton Park and Grant Southside Center
  •  Also available at weekly updates – Information on all other projects in the area


Southside community members have been meeting with City representatives since August 2016 to decide upon the best way to engage the Southside community for decision making. This Southside community engagement team decided to convene a Town Hall Meeting for Jan. 31. The priorities established by the community will be developed by City staff, then brought back to the community at a Feb. 28 meeting to see if staff understood the community properly or what may have been missed. City Council will ultimately decide upon implementation through a vote.



clickable image of project timelineclickable image of project timelineclickable image of project timeline

Supporting Documents

Grant Center Fact Sheet

Grant Center Site Plan

Grant Center Phase II

Walton Street Pool Assessment Report

Comments from January 31, 2017 Town Hall meeting

Southside Recreational Design Process Steps - January - Fall 2017  

Contact Information

Roderick Simmons, Parks & Recreation Director