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Happening Now

A Request for Qualification (RFQ) was issued in early 2018 for a consultant to provide design options for Walton Street Park & Pool and Phase 2 of the Dr. Wesley Grant Sr. Southside Center.  Selection of the consultant is scheduled to be finalized in spring, 2018.

The consultant will take the input from the community design meetings and provide options for both properties.  Once completed, City staff and the consultant will bring these options back to the community for additional input and feedback prior to final design.


In a citizen-led process, close to 150 community members participated in a Southside Town Hall Meeting on January 31, 2017. Facilitated by Tyrone Greenlee, Director of Christians for a United Community, participants discussed recreational opportunities for the Southside neighborhood including the location of a new pool for the Southside community, a more attractive Walton Street Park and the next phase for the Grant Southside Center.

On February 28, 2017 the City of Asheville held the first in a series of community meetings where residents participated in a hands-on design exercise to help develop options for the design for Walton Street Park/Pool and Phase 2 of the Grant Southside Center.  Additional community design meetings were held on March 7, 9, 18, 21, and 23.  The results were compiled and are being used to guide the development and designs for both properties.  In addition, an online survey was used to gather community input on what services and programs will be featured.


Development of facility and park design alternatives by the community
Ongoing outreach to residents 18 and under for input
Consolidation of all proposed design information  
Exploration of options available at both properties

Winter:  RFQ issued for design consultant, submittals received
Spring:  Consultant selected
Summer & Fall:  Consultant develops multiple concepts for both properties for community review and feedback
Winter:  Final design begins

 2019 – 2021
Winter, 2019 – Spring, 2021:  Construction

Supporting Documents

Grant Center Fact Sheet

Grant Center Site Plan

Grant Center Phase II

Walton Street Pool Assessment Report

Comments from January 31, 2017 Town Hall meeting

Southside Recreational Design Process Steps - January - Fall 2017  

Contact Information

 Sandra Travis, Program & Operations Manager