Jake Rusher Park

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Happening Now

This bond project is in the planning stage.

Staff will seek input on community preference for a few park concepts. The proposed concepts will seek to recognize the unique history of the community. The proposed concepts will also:

1) recognize the park setting as a gateway to the neighborhood,

2) borrow ideas from some of the best neighborhood parks in the country and

3) aim to get the biggest bang for the buck while keeping within the project budget.


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Can't come to a community meeting? Give us your input at Open City Hall!


When it comes to improving our infrastructure for transportation, parks and recreation facilities and affordable housing opportunities, Asheville voters made their mandate clear at the polls on November 8, 2016, Election Day. By an overwhelming margin, Asheville residents said yes to all three bond questions put before them on the ballot.

Upgrades and improvements to Jake Rusher Park are budgeted within the $17 million Parks and Recreation General Obligation bond package. General Obligation (GO) bonds are considered one of the safest municipal funding tools available. Asheville has seven years to issue the bonds and approximately 20 years to pay off the bonds after the funds are received.

The bond projects supplement the programs and projects that are already in the City's annual operating budget and capital improvement program [hyperlink to budget]. The projects reflect community input and priorities gathered in master planning processes and the most recent Citizen Survey. Projects will be rolled out strategically with consideration to equity and fairness across the community.



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Supporting Documents

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Bond Referendum Overview

Community Meeting Flyer


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Contact Information

Asheville Parks & Recreation Department