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Thank you to everyone who came out to meet the finalists on July 10, 2017. City Manager Gary Jackson is pleased to announce Kimberlee Archie will serve as the City’s first-ever Equity and Inclusion Manager, effective July 31, 2017.

Archie will work with internal and external partners, nonprofits, the public and stakeholders to establish the use of an equity lens in all city program and policies. Initial areas of focus will include hiring and human resource management, purchasing, public engagement, sustainability, public safety and community and economic development.


Her office will be in City Hall where she will have a direct line of communication with the city manager. She will also be part of the Communication and Public Engagement division (CAPE) where she will have easy and regular access to all services, programs and initiatives across the organization through the division’s day-to-day support for the services and programs provided by all departments.


During its annual retreat in January 2016, the City Council developed a 2036 vision in which it articulated the community as it is and as it strives to be in 2036.  One of the eight focus areas of the vision articulated below – A Diverse Community – encompass the equity lens through which the City seeks to achieve its goals, deliver services and programs, and maximize the quality of life for all.



Asheville is an inclusive, diverse community. We define diversity broadly, including but not limited to all races, ages, sexual orientations, gender identification, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultural beliefs. We have created a fair and balanced society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential because they have access to healthy, affordable food, transportation, quality education, and living wage jobs. Asheville promotes and supports minority business as a means of strengthening our local economy. We use a racial equity lens to review and achieve our city’s strategic goals in health, education, housing, and economic mobility. 

In an effort to create a framework, develop resources, and achieve meaningful progress towards this component of the Vision, the Fiscal Year 2017 budget approved in June 2016 included funding for the development of diversity and equity initiatives.  The development of such efforts includes evaluation of the City’s efforts to equitably engage with and deliver services to the community and will include areas of study such as representation on boards and commissions, public input opportunities, and contracting and infrastructure investments. 

The initiatives will be coordinated by a new Equity Manager position. In an effort to find the best fit candidate for this senior level position, City staff is seeking public input to identify the skills and competencies the community identifies as most important for the success of the candidate.  




December 13 - Community Meeting at Stephens-Lee Recreation Center
December 14 - Open City Hall public forum posted
December 20 - Community Meeting at Shiloh Complex
January 9 - Community Meeting at the Wesley Grant Southside Recreation Center
January 13 - Open City Hall forum closes
July 10 - Finalists meet-and-greet event, US Cellular Center Banquet Hall, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
July 31 - Kimberlee Archie starts as the City's first-ever Equity and Inclusion Manager


Supporting Documents

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Contact Information

Dawa Hitch, Director of Communication & Public Engagement