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Finalists for the Lexington Avenue Public Art Project provided presentations on October 18 at a kick-off event at the Lexington Avenue Brewery, 39 N. Lexington Ave. There were four artist/artist team finalists for this project. Asheville residents had an opportunity to weigh in on the final selection last fall.

The final artist/artist teams were chosen for their prior work. The jury team felt that the initial proposals did not capture the spirit of the Lexington Avenue area as described in the RFQ.

These second round of proposals are in and we would like your feedback one more time. You can see the four proposals from our four artist/artist teams for round 2.

Check out the finalists, their background and proposals.

artist Beatrice Coron"Lexington Life Column"
Beatrice Coron
See proposal here - updated 1/22/18





artist Jeanine Centuoriartist Russell Rock"Tied Together"
Jeanine Centouri & Russell Rock
See proposal here - updated 1/22/18




artist Todd Frahmartist Lara Nguyen"Locale"
Todd Frahm & Lara Nguyen
See proposal here - updated 1/22/18





"Your City: Shifting the Future"
Ryan Swanson
See proposal here - updated 1/22/18


A new public artwork will come to downtown Asheville, thanks to collaboration between the Asheville Downtown Association Foundation and the City’s Public Art & Cultural Commission.

The Lexington Avenue Public Art Project is intended to reflect the neighborhood identity of Lexington Avenue and to celebrate the community's century-old storefronts and architectural treasures.

The Asheville Downtown Association Foundation raised $40,000 to the City for this project. In October 2016, Asheville City Council authorized the City Manager to accept the donation for this public art project. “This project is a great way to honor the initiative and drive of so many individuals in our community, including John Lantzius, that got together and saved this part of Downtown. Lexington Avenue would not be what it is today without the efforts of our citizens,” said Adrian Vassallo, Chair of the Asheville Downtown Association Foundation.

Where will it be put and why on Lexington Avenue?

The public art is designated for installation at 65 N. Lexington Ave., a spot adjacent to several retail establishments, near Downtown Books & News and Shady Grove. You can view the location here.

Lexington Avenue was chosen because of its designation in 2016 by the American Planning Association (APA) as one of five great streets on the organization’s annual Great Places in America list. The Great Places in America program recognizes streets, neighborhoods and public spaces that demonstrate exceptional character, quality and planning. To honor and celebrate the story of the neighborhood's preservation and to reflect its current eclectic and vibrant culture, the City of Asheville in partnership with the Asheville Downtown Association Foundation is requesting artists, architects and design professionals to submit qualifications for creating and installing a permanent exterior public art feature on North Lexington Avenue.


October 18, 2017 - Initial public viewing and presentations

October 18 - November 1, 2017 - Public feedback begins (rate proposals and provide comments)

October 23 - November 1, 2017 - Open City Hall survey is open

November 2017 - Proposal time extended to allow four artist/artist teams to re-submit modified or new proposals for project

December 2017 - New proposals received

January/February 2018 - Round 2 of public input

February 2018 - Final selection of proposal

Spring 2018 - Installation of art piece on Lexington Avenue

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