Multimodal Transportation Commission

Committee Agendas & Minutes

The Commission consists of 9 voting members and 3 non-voting members, all of whom shall be residents of the City of Asheville. Two voting members represent transit interests, two voting members represent greenway interests, two voting members represent bicycle/pedestrian interests, and three are at-large members. One representative each from the Neighborhood Advisory Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission, and Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy & the Environment are ex-officio non-voting members.

Members shall represent various modes of transportation to include, but not be limited to: transit, greenways, automobiles, bikes, pedestrians, etc. Members shall possess expertise and interest in the sustainability and development of multimodal transportation and demonstrate a willingness to participate actively in Commission efforts.

The Commission will (1) recommend policies for the development/integration of multimodal transportation planning and education to the City; (2) assist with the development of a multimodal transportation system; (3) assist the City with the implementation of best management practices for educating the public on the benefits of multimodal transportation; (4) assist in the sustainability, development and implementation of the multimodal transportation plan; and (5) assist in the prioritization of the Capital Improvement Plan as it relates to multimodal transportation projects.


The mission of the Multimodal Transportation Commission (MMTC) is to assist the City in furthering, advancing and promoting a comprehensive and integrative transportation system that incorporates multimodal concepts, including but not limited to transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, greenways, complete streets, and highways.

Regular Meeting Schedule 

The Commission meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month beginning at 3:00 p.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room in City Hall.  Due to the holiday s, the December meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 from 3-5pm in the HR Training Room 623 at City Hall.

Contact Information 

Chair - Richard Lee -
Vice Chair - Terri March -
Bruce Emory -
Rachelle Sorensen-Cox - 
David G. Nutter -
John Ridout -
Kim Roney -
Mary Weber -
Anna Sexton -
Randy Warren -
Joe Archibald -


4/24/19 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation
3/27/19 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation
2/27/19 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation
1/23/19 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation


12/19/18 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation

11/28/18 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation

10/24/18 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation

9/26/18 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation

8/22/18 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation

7/25/18 MMTC Agenda with links to supporting documentation 

6-29-18 MMTC Retreat Agenda with links to supporting documentation 

5-23-18 MMTC Agenda with attached links to supporting documentation

4-25-2018 MMTC agenda with attached supporting documentation

3-28-2018 MMTC Agenda with attached documents

Meeting Documents

Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
April 25, 2018  04-25-2018 MMTC Minutes   
March 28, 2018  3-28-18   
February 28, 2018 2-28-18 MMTC   
January 24, 2018  1-24-2018 MMTC Minutes   
December 13, 2017 Minutes  
October 25, 2017 Minutes  
September 27, 2017 Minutes  
August 23, 2017 Minutes  
July 26, 2017 Minutes  
June 28, 2017 Minutes  
May 24, 2017 Minutes  
May 12, 2017 Retreat Minutes  
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February 24, 2016 Minutes  
January 27, 2016 Minutes  


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2013 Annual Report
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