Asheville Downtown Commission

The Asheville Downtown Commission was created by City Council for the sustainability and continued development of downtown, a vital urban center of western North Carolina’s economic, cultural and visitor activity.

The Downtown Commission provides City Council with recommendations on Downtown policies and programs. In addition, Downtown Commissioners fill 4 out of 9 seats of the City’s Design Review Committee, which reviews development projects within the Central Business District, the River Arts District and hotel projects outside of those areas. The Downtown Commission provides input on development projects outside of the scope of Design Review, including impacts related to land-use, economic development, parking, public space, safety, sustainability, etc. 

More information about the Downtown Commission’s role and duties is available here.

More information about the Design Review Committee is available here


Meeting & Special Notices

*January 2022 – The Downtown Commission’s Public Space Management Committee is currently seeking new members. See more information below. 


The Downtown Commission will meet remotely on Friday, February 11 at 9:30 a.m. 

Public comments will be accepted until 5pm on Thursday, February 12 at 

  • The Agenda will be posted here 

This will be a remote meeting which the public can access by any of the following means:

  • Watch the live stream through the City of Asheville Public Engagement Hub or the City’s YouTube Channel at
  • Call toll-free to listen to the meeting live on your phone: 855-925-2801 and enter code 9272.
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemail comments by calling 855-925-2801 and enter code 9272 (closes at 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting).
  • Submit written public comments by email to: (closes at 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting).
  • Call into the meeting LIVE during the public comment portion of the agenda by calling 855-925-2801 and enter code 9272, then press * and option 3.

*Pre-recorded and written comments will be provided to commissioners prior to the meeting. Only live call-ins will be aired during the meeting.


Regularly Scheduled Meetings

The Downtown Commission meets virtually on the second Friday of every other month (each month if there is critical business with critical business) at 9:30 a.m. The typical length of each meeting is 1-2 hours.


Previous Meeting Recordings

January 14, 2022 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link 
December 16, 2021 – Joint Downtown Commission & Multimodal Transportation Commission – video link
December 10, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
November 12, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
October 8, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
September 10, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
August 13, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
June 11, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
May 14, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
April 15, 2021 – Parking & Transportation Working Group – video link
March 12, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
February 26, 2021 – Downtown Commission work session – video link
February 12, 2021 – Downtown Commission meeting – video link
February 5, 2021 – Design Review Committee meeting – video link
January 13, 2021 – Design Review Committee meeting – video link
View links to 2020 recordings here

Committee Meetings


Design Review Committee 

Information about the Design Review Committee can be found at Please contact Sasha Vrtunski in the Planning & Urban Design Department at with specific questions about the downtown design review process.


Downtown Public Space Management Committee — seeking participation!

Downtown Public Space Management is the focus of the for laying groundwork for updates to the Downtown Master Plan. An ad-hoc Public Space Management Committee was formed in late 2018 to guide this work.  Following a workshop with the committee on October 24, 2019, staff began drafting the framework and recommendations. The committee’s work was suspended during COVID, and staff’s focused turned toward the AVL Shares Space temporary outdoor expansion initiatives.

At the Downtown Commission’s January 2022 meeting, there was unanimous support to reboot the Committee, and to seek participation from various representative groups. More information and an application form to participate is available here

The Committee is chaired by Andrew Fletcher


Parking & Transportation Working Group

This Working Group of the Downtown Commission is currently led by Karen Ramshaw ( Regular meetings were suspended during COVID-19 and are expected to begin again in late summer 2021. 

Previous agendas and meeting notes are are available here.




Agendas and Documents



January 14, 2022 Agenda January 14, 2022 Materials 
December 16 work session w/ Multimodal Transportation Commission  December 16, 2021 Materials 
December 10, 2021 Agenda  December 10, 2021 Materials 
November 12, 2021 Agenda November 12, 2021 Documents 
October 8, 2021 Agenda October 8, 2021 Documents
September 10, 2021 Agenda September 10, 2021 Documents
August 13, 2021 Agenda August 13, 2021 Documents
No meeting in July  
June 11, 2021 Agenda June 11, 2021 Documents
May 14, 2021 Agenda May 14, 2021 Documents
No meeting in April  
March 12, 2021 Agenda March 12, 2021 Documents
February 26, 2021 Agenda February 26, 2021 Documents
February 12, 2021 Agenda February 12, 2021 Documents
January 8, 2021 – meeting cancelled   
No meeting in December  
November 13, 2020 Agenda November 13, 2020 Documents 
October 9, 2020 Agenda October 9, 2020 Documents
September 11, 2020 Agenda  September 11, 2020 Documents
August 14, 2020 Agenda August 14, 2020 Documents
July 10, 2020 Agenda July 10, 2020 Documents
No Meetings May or June 2020  
April 2020 April 2020 Update Report
March 13, 2020 Agenda (meeting was canceled) March 13, 2020 Documents
February 12, 2020 Agenda February 14, 2020 Documents
January 10, 2020 Agenda January 10, 2020 Documents
2019 Meeting Materials  
2018 Meeting Materials  



Membership and Resource Documents

Member contact: Bryan Moffitt, Chair – 


Contact Information


Dana Frankel, Downtown Planning Manager
Office: 828-251-4051
Cell: 828-273-5248