Civil Service Board

The Civil Service Board consists of five members: two appointed by City Council (which must be city residents), two elected by members of the Classified Service, and one member appointed by the other four members of the board. The term of office is two years.

The board works with the Human Resources Department to resolve employee grievances on an as needed basis and meets on a periodic basis to discuss personnel administration issues. Generally, the duties of the members of the Civil Service Board consist of attending meetings and conducting grievance appeal hearings.

Rules of Procedure
City of Asheville Code of Ordinances – Civil Service Board


Regular Scheduled Meetings

The board meets on the first Thursday of each month at 2:30 p.m. in the First Floor Conference Room of the City Hall Building. The normal length of the meeting is one to two hours.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Civil Service Board of the City of Asheville will hold a remote meeting at 2:30 p.m. on July 2, 2020. More information, including ways to view and participate will be posted to the committee page and the Public Input Virtual Board meeting page.




Candidates for membership on the Civil Service Board must be “qualified voters of the City and not employed by the City.” To be a qualified voter of the City, the candidate must live inside the City limits and be registered to vote. Qualified candidates for the Civil Service Board must have been separated from employment or contract with the City of Asheville for at least 7 years, and not have a spouse currently employed with the City of Asheville.

For City Council appointments, candidates should submit their intent to seek membership on the Civil Service Board by submitting a completed Boards and Commissions Application and a Qualified Candidate Checklist  directed to City Clerk Maggie Burleson.

For elected members of the Classified Service appointments, candidates should submit their intent to seek membership on the Civil Service Board by submitting a completed Boards and Commissions Application, a Qualified Candidate Checklist, and a letter of intent. The letter should contain the following information: the candidate’s name; the candidates address (i.e. where the candidate lives); the candidate’s telephone number; a brief statement declaring his/her candidacy; a statement that he/she (the candidate) is a qualified voter of the City and that he/she is not employed by the City; a brief biographical sketch, not to exceed 150 words; and signature of the candidate.

Member contact :Members: Chair Carol Goins, Alan Escovitz, Mike Hahn, Rick Devereaux, and Carter Webb.


Meetings Agendas and Documents

Agenda Documents
2020-07-02 7/2/2020 Agenda 7/2/2020 Documents
2020-01-08 1/8/2020 Agenda 1/8/2020 Documents
2019-11-07 11/7/2019 Agenda 11/7/2019 Documents
2019-07-10 7/10/2019 Agenda 7/10/2019 Documents
2019-04-04 4/4/2019 Agenda 4/4/2019 Documents
2019-02-07 2/7/2019 Agenda 2/7/2019 Documents
2019-01-03 1/3/2019 Agenda 1/3/2019 Documents
2018-10-04 10/4/2018 Agenda 10/4/2018 Documents
2018-09-06 9/6/2018 Agenda 9/6/2018 Documents
2018-08-02 8/2/2018 Agenda 8/2/2018 Documents
2018-08-01 8/1/2018 Agenda 8/1/2018 Documents
2018-07-12 7/12/2018 Agenda 7/12/2018 Documents
2018-06-07 6/7/2018 Agenda 6/7/2018 Documents



Contact Information


For minutes older than one year contact Caroline Long.

Staff Liaison: Shannon Barrett, Human Resources Manager



Updated 10/17/2019