Urban Forestry Commission

The City of Asheville, realizing that trees have a profound effect on the quality of life in the community, deems it necessary and desirable in the interest of public health, safety and welfare to enact an ordinance for the preservation, planting, replacement and removal of trees without denying the reasonable use and enjoyment of real property.

The purpose of this chapter is to regulate the planting of new trees and shrubbery; to vigorously encourage the protection of existing trees and shrubbery, including their root systems; to regulate the preservation, replacement and indiscriminate removal of trees and to establish procedures for fulfilling these purposes.


Regular Scheduled Meetings


The Committee meets regularly on the 3rd Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m. at the Public Works Building, located at 161 S. Charlotte St. in conference room A109.

Notice: The next Tree Protection Task Force meeting is scheduled for 12:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at GreenWorks located at 2 Sulphur Springs Road.

Alternative Compliance Schedule for year 2020




 Stephen Hendricks (Chair), Amy Smith (Vice Chair), Julie Mayfield (Council Liaison), Roy Smith,  Guillermo Rodriquez, Dawn Chavez, Ed Macie, Cecil Bothwell,  Patrick Gilbert,  Sharon Sumrall


Meetings Agendas and Documents

Agenda Documents
2020/02/17 02/17/2020 Agenda 02/17/2020 Documents
2020/01/21 01/21/2020 Agenda 1/21/2020 Documents
2019/12/12 12/12/2019 Agenda 12/12/2019 Documents
2019/09/16 09/16/2019 Agenda 09/16/2019 Documents
2019/08/19 08/19/2019 Agenda 08/19/2019 Documents
2019/07/15 07/15/2019 Agenda 07/15/2019 Documents
2019/06/17 06/17/2019 Agenda 06/17/2019 Documents
2019/05/20 05/20/2019 Agenda 05/20/2019 Documents
2019/04/15 04/15/2019 Agenda 04/15/2019 Documents
2019/03/18 03/18/2019 Agenda 03/18/2019 Documents
2019/02/18 02/18/2019 Agenda 02/18/2019 Documents
2019/01/22 01/22/2019 Agenda 01/22/2019 Documents
2019/10/17 10/17/2019 Agenda 10/17/2019 Documents
2019/11/18 11/18/2019 Agenda 11/18/2019 Documents


Review and Resource Documents


2019 Asheville Urban Forestry Commission Annual Report

Urban Tree Canopy Study – (October 2019)

Alternative Compliance Schedule for year 2020

Alternative Compliance Landscape Request Application


Contact Information


Nancy Watford



Updated 02/03/2020



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