Citizens / Police Advisory Committee

The Citizens / Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) consists of 9 voting members: 5 area representatives, 2 at-large seats, a resident of property owned by the Housing Authority, and a Housing Authority representative. The term of office is three years.

The committee serves as a liaison between the police department and the community. The committee mediates problems or conflicts and serves as an advocate for programs, ideas, and methods to improve the relationship between the police and community. The committee is also responsible for disseminating information to the community and to the government officials of Asheville. As an advisory committee to City Council, CPAC’s primary function is to make recommendations to the City Council and act as a source of citizen information.


Regular Scheduled Meetings

The Committee usually meets the first Wednesday of each month. The meeting is held at Public Works and various community locations.
The normal length of the meeting is one to two hours.

Previous meetings were canceled due to COVID-19 precautions. A limited number of Asheville Advisory Boards and meetings are starting to take place electronically. Additional staff are needed to set-up and conduct electronic meetings that are in compliance with open meeting laws and state guidelines for remote meetings. As more staff are trained on these new technologies, the City will be able to hold more of the regular meetings. Please note not all committees will meet in June or July.

Meetings Agendas and Documents

Agenda Documents
2020/03/24 03/04/2020 Agenda 03/04/2020 Documents
2020/02/12 02/12/2020 Agenda 02/12/2020 Documents
2020/01/25 01/25/2020 Agenda 01/25/2020 Documents
2019/12/04 12/04/2019 Agenda 12/04/2019 Documents
2019/11/06 11/06/2019 Agenda 11/06/2019 Documents
2019/10/02 10/02/2019 Agenda 10/02/2019 Documents
2019/09/04 09/04/2019 Agenda 09/04/2019 Documents
2019/08/07 08/07/2019 Agenda 08/07/2019 Documents
2019/07/03 07/03/2019 Agenda 07/03/2019 Documents
2019/06/05 06/05/2019 Agenda 06/05/2019 Documents
2019/05/01 05/01/2019 Agenda 05/01/2019 Documents


CPAC Events Calendar

Contact Information

Julie Moore, Admin Liaison for CPAC Meetings


Updated 06/10/2020