Citizens / Police Advisory Committee

The Citizens / Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) consists of 9 voting members: 5 area representatives, 2 at-large seats, a resident of property owned by the Housing Authority, and a Housing Authority representative. The term of office is three years.

The committee serves as a liaison between the police department and the community. The committee mediates problems or conflicts and serves as an advocate for programs, ideas, and methods to improve the relationship between the police and community. The committee is also responsible for disseminating information to the community and to the government officials of Asheville. As an advisory committee to City Council, CPAC’s primary function is to make recommendations to the City Council and act as a source of citizen information.


Regular Scheduled Meetings

NOTICE: The Committee is currently paused and no meetings are scheduled at this time.


Agendas and Documents



March 4, 2020 Agenda March 4, 2020 Documents
February 12, 2020 Agenda February 12, 2020 Documents
January 25, 2020 Agenda January 25, 2020 Documents
December 4, 2019 Agenda December 4, 2019 Documents
November 6, 2019 Agenda November 6, 2019 Documents