Historic Resources Commission

The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) was created in 1979 through a local ordinance adopted by both the City of Asheville and Buncombe County pursuant to the North Carolina General Statutes. The joint city/county commission consists of twelve members, with six appointments from each jurisdiction. All members have equal voting rights and serve three year terms. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms. Officers of the commission are elected amongst themselves.

Regular Scheduled Meetings


Regular meetings of the HRC occur on the second Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m. in the North Conference Room on the first floor of the Asheville City Building located at 70 Court Plaza, Asheville.

The HRC reviews Major Work applications at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Please click here for information on applying for a Major Work.


2019 Meeting Schedule

2020 Meeting Schedule


Member contact: Bryan Moffitt  (Chair)

Members: William Eakins (First Vice-Chair), Emily Kite (Second Vice-Chair), Craig Cline (Third Vice-Chair), Emily Spreng, Valeria Watson, Benjamin Mitchell, Charles “Ed” Flowers, Gail Lazaras, Gordon McKinney, Stephanie West


Meeting Agendas and Documents

Date/agenda Documents
2019-11-13 11/13/19 Agenda 11/13/19 Documents
2019-10-09 10/9/19 Agenda 10/9/19 Documents
2019-09-11 9/11/19 Agenda 9/11/19 Documents
2019-08-14 8/14/19 Agenda 8/14/19 Documents
2019-07-10 7/10/19 Agenda 7/10/19 Documents
2019-06-28 6/28/19 Agenda 6/28/19 Documents
2019-06-12 6/12/19 Agenda 6/12/19 Documents
2019-05-08 5/8/19 Agenda 5/8/19 Documents
2019-04-10 4/10/19 Agenda 4/10/19 Documents
2019-03-13 3/13/19 Agenda 3/13/19 Documents
2019-02-13 2/13/19 Agenda 2/13/19 Documents
2019-01-09 1/9/19 Agenda 1/9/19 Documents


Rules of Procedure

Annual Report


Contact Information


Please contact Alex Cole at 828-259-5638 for archived minutes and materials of the Historic Resources Commission.


Updated 11/1/2019