Design Review

The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) reviews projects within local historic districts and local landmarks to ensure that the proposed work is consistent with the applicable design standards. Once a project has been approved, a Certificate of Appropriateness (CA) is issued to the property owner or applicant, which should be posted on site with any other required permits. Please note that a CA is for design review approval only, and does not include approval for building, zoning or other permit types that may be required. If you are considering a project and are unsure of what permit types you will need to obtain, you should contact the Development Services Department: 828-259-5846.


Design Review Applications


Minor Work

Minor Work applications are reviewed by Planning/Historic Resources staff. Staff will refer Minor Work applications to the HRC if, in staff’s opinion, the project involves changes that are substantial, do not meet the design guidelines, or are of precedent-setting nature. Minor Work applications typically include projects in which the visual character of the structure and/or site is not substantially altered, such as but not limited to signage, fences in rear yards, tree removal, mechanical equipment, roof replacement and minor building repairs. Typically, a CA for Minor Work can be issued within 10 business days, depending on the project type and completeness of the application.

Major Work

Major Work applications are reviewed by the HRC at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. In general, Major Work applications typically include projects that involve a change in the appearance of a structure and/or site that is more substantial than routine maintenance or Minor Work projects, such as but not limited to new construction, expansion of a building footprint, or significant changes to a landscape feature. Applicants for Major Work construction projects are strongly encouraged to consult with Planning/Historic Resources staff at the earliest possible stage of the design process.

A pre-application meeting with staff is required prior to submittal of a Major Work application. Submittal of a Major Work application without the required pre-application meeting could result in a delay of review by the HRC.

Contact Planning/Historic Resources staff to schedule a pre-application meeting: 828-259-5638


NEW: Submit your Minor or Major Work Application online via the Development Portal!

Digital Submittal Instructions & Requirements

Major & Minor Work Application Form (download to fill out digitally)


Applications may also be submitted in person or by mail to the permit center at the Development Services Department located at 161 South Charlotte Street, Asheville, NC 28801.

Additional Forms & Documents:

New Construction Worksheet (Required for Major Work New Construction projects ONLY)

2022 HRC Meeting Schedule & Application Deadlines


Notice: The next Historic Resources Commission meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2022. ***This meeting will be held in person in the First Floor North Conference Room at Asheville City Hall (70 Court Plaza)





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