• Get a restraining order
    Find out who can file for a protection order, what it covers, and where to go if you need one.
  • Get a security alarm permit
    Learn how to apply for a security alarm permit and how to prevent false burglar alarms.
  • Get an animal permit
    Learn how to acquire a required permit for keeping 7 or more animals (including bees, fowl, or livestock such as goats, horses, ponies, and exotic pets which require permits.)
  • Get fingerprinted for employment or background checks
    To obtain fingerprints for employment or local criminal history checks, you must visit the Buncombe County Bureau of Identification.
  • Get help with domestic violence
    Information and resources for people who are impacted by domestic violence.
  • Get or renew a dog license
    Dogs must be licensed every year on January 1. Learn about the process and fees.
  • Get or renew a precious metal permit
    Any person engaging in the business of purchasing precious metals must obtain a precious metal permit. Understand the law and how to obtain or renew your permit.
  • Gun safety
    Learn how to prevent deadly gun accidents and teach your children what to do if they come across a firearm.



  • Make a home inventory
    Learn how having a home inventory is essential to insurance claims or property recovery efforts in case of a disaster, fire, or a burglary.



  • Recognize scams and con artists
    Learn the warning signs that you might be encountering a scam or a con artist.
  • Recover a towed vehicle
    How to locate and recover a towed vehicle.
  • Report a crime
    How to report a crime, including how to remain anonymous and be eligible in some cases for a cash reward.
  • Report a lost animal
    Learn how to report a missing dog, cat, or other animal.
  • Report a Noise Disturbance
    Noisy neighbors? Learn the steps to take before making a complaint, and how to report noise ordinance violations.
  • Report crime using TIP2APD
    The Asheville Police Department (APD) is putting a new crime-fighting tool into the hands of community members. This new tool, TIP2APD, enables the public to share anonymous tips with police officers and lets officers respond back to create an anonymous two-way conversation.    The tool also allows the community to find information on incidents APD is currently [...]
  • Report graffiti
    How to report graffiti to get it removed.
  • Report traffic concerns
    Learn how to report traffic concerns in your neighborhood to help decrease crashes.
  • Report wrongdoing in City government
    How to report possible unethical or illegal activities within City government.
  • Request to view body worn camera footage
    Learn about the specific instances under NC law under which you may request to view body worn camera footage.
  • Retrieve property from police
    How to retrieve found property that is in possession of the police.




  • View crimes near me
    The City provides multiple tools to explore crime statistics in your area, such as by neighborhood or within a certain distance from a specific address.