• File a noise complaint
    Noisy neighbors? Learn the steps to take before making a complaint, and how to report noise ordinance violations.
  • Find an incident or crash report
    Most crime incident reports and crash reports occurring after January 1, 2003 are available for search and instant download.


  • Get a restraining order
    Find out who can file for a protection order, what it covers, and where to go if you need one.
  • Get a security alarm permit
    Learn how to apply for a security alarm permit and how to prevent false burglar alarms.
  • Get an animal permit
    Learn how to acquire a required permit for keeping 7 or more animals (including bees, fowl, or livestock such as goats, horses, ponies, and exotic pets which require permits.)
  • Get fingerprinted for employment or background checks
    To obtain fingerprints for employment or local criminal history checks, you must visit the Buncombe County Bureau of Identification.
  • Get help with domestic violence
    Information and resources for people who are impacted by domestic violence.
  • Get or renew a dog license
    Dogs must be licensed every year on January 1. Learn about the process and fees.
  • Get or renew a precious metal permit
    Any person engaging in the business of purchasing precious metals must obtain a precious metal permit. Understand the law and how to obtain or renew your permit.
  • Gun safety
    Learn how to prevent deadly gun accidents and teach your children what to do if they come across a firearm.



  • Make a home inventory
    Learn how having a home inventory is essential to insurance claims or property recovery efforts in case of a disaster, fire, or a burglary.






  • View crimes near me
    The City provides multiple tools to explore crime statistics in your area, such as by neighborhood or within a certain distance from a specific address.