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Downtown Safety and Cleanliness Updates


News and Updates

3/28/24 – Downtown Safety and Cleanliness Newsletter

3/22/24 – Downtown Commission Report

2/26/24 – Downtown Safety and Cleanliness Newsletter

2/23/24 – Downtown Commission Report

1/22/24 – Downtown Safety and Cleanliness Newsletter

12/18/23 – Downtown Safety and Cleanliness Newsletter

12/15/23 – Downtown Commission Report

10/27/23 – Downtown Commission Report 

10/16/23 – Downtown Safety and Cleanliness Newsletter

9/22/23 Downtown Commission Report

8/25/23 – Downtown Commission Report

7/14/23 – Downtown Commission Report

6/30/23 – Downtown Safety Initiative Transitions to On-Going Services 


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Projects and Initiatives

Downtown Cleanliness and Safety (on-going)

Boosting the Block (2024 kick-off 2024)

Downtown 24/7 Public Restroom (installation 2024) 

South Slope Visioning (pending adoption) 

Carter Ann Patton Stormwater and Accessibility Improvements (anticipated completion 2024)

Pack Square Plaza Visioning (adopted Sept. 2023)

Haywood Street Streetscape (completed 2021) 

Haywood Street/Page Avenue Visioning (adopted 2020) 

Comprehensive Plan (completed 2018)

Downtown Master Plan (adopted 2010)

Downtown Public Space Management (ongoing)

68 Haywood Street Temporary Uses (ongoing)



Downtown Public Restroom Map

Neighborhood Resources


Contact Information

Dana Frankel, Downtown Planning Manager