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A temporary public art project was developed by a committee of community members including representatives from the Haywood Street Advisory Team, Downtown Commission and Public Art & Cultural Commission. The piece is a mural painted on panels installed on the south wall of 68 Haywood Street, which reads “LOVE ASHEVILLE.” Each letter of the 13 panel mural is uniquely designed by a different local design agency or graphic designer, with the overall theme reflective of Asheville Grown’s on-going campaign to support local businesses. Coordination with the designers was led by Jenny Fares of Sound Mind Creative and the Asheville Design Salon. More information is here.


A kick-off celebration of the mural project was held on October 4, 2018 with music and food trucks. The Facebook event page is here.


Happening Now


The City has opened 33 Page Avenue and 68 Haywood Street for public use. 68 Haywood Street is available for Outdoor Special Event use and for Mobile Food Vending.


The primary goal of opening these sites for temporary use is to activate the properties, which would otherwise be vacant, on an interim basis while next steps towards long-term planning and implementation are underway.




In December 2015, City Council directed staff to conduct a community visioning process to inform long-term decision making about this and other surrounding City-owned properties on Haywood Street and Page Avenue. In March 2016, Council contracted with the Asheville Design Center to serve as a facilitator for a Council-appointed a Community Advisory Team to develop a long-term vision for the properties. (More information about the visioning process, including the Advisory Team’s final report, is here.)


Concurrent to soliciting feedback and developing a community vision for long-term use of the properties, the Advisory Team also considered temporary uses that could both activate the site and help inform next steps of the planning and design process. In December 2016, the Advisory Team presented to City Council the following recommended temporary uses and installations:


  • Raised garden beds
  • Mobile food vending
  • Open vendor markets
  • Movable seating
  • Interactive public art
  • Designated performance space


Following the recommendations, Council directed staff to proceed toward implementation.

To kick-off programs at 68 Haywood Street, a Request for Expression of Interests (RFEI) was released on June 2, 2017 for individuals or organizations interested in organizing regularly scheduled pop-up programs on the site. The deadline for submissions was June 26, 2017. The resulting activities are here.


More information about the organizers is below:


Asheville Grown Business Alliance: Venture Local Fair

US Cellular Center: Fan Fest

Latino Advocacy Coalition

Buncombe Partnership for Children: Adventure Play

Skunk Trunk: Bazaar Bazaar

Land of the Sky Association of Realtors: Affordable Housing Fair

American Myth Center: The Ballad of R&J

Mt. Zion Miss Baptist Church

People’s Park Foundation: Recreational and Educational Activities


Following City Council approval on December 19, 2017, a new Mobile Food Vending Pilot program was created to further encourage use of 68 Haywood street, with a simplified application process for use by mobile food vendors including food trucks. Permit holders may have access to the site on a first come, first serve basis (7 AM – 10 PM) when the site is not permitted for an Outdoor Special Event. The application form is available here.


In addition to temporary uses at 68 Haywood Street, a temporary community garden is now in place at 33-35 Page Avenue This is one of several sites included in the City’s new Community Garden Program as part of the Asheville Edible’s Initiative.


There will be opportunities for public feedback in next steps of the long-term planning process, which kicks off in fall 2019.  More information about long-term planning and use is available here.




May 2018 – Mobile Food Vending program re-opens for the season

September 2018 – Temporary Mural Installed (launch event on October 4)

December 2017 – Mobile Food Vending Pilot program launches

August 2017 – Scheduled programming begins; site made available through existing outdoor special event permitting process.

July 6, 2017 – Site opens to the public for passive use

June 2, 2017 – Request for Expressions of Interest for temporary programming is launched

May 23, 2017 – Staff presents an update to City Council on implementation of temporary programming at 68 Haywood Street.

May 2017 – Community Garden opens at 33 Page Avenue.

April 2017 – Site preparation and improvements begin (creating an accessible surface, installation of electricity, site plan review for a food truck lot, purchase and install of amenities)

March 28, 2017 – Informed by a proposed implementation and management plan, City Council directs staff to proceed with implementation of Temporary Uses.

March 28, 2017 – Haywood Street Advisory Team presents final report on long-term vision to City Council. Council directs staff to develop an RFP/RFQ to hire a design team to develop design options based on the vision presented. (More information about long-term planning is here.)

December 13, 2016 – Haywood Street Advisory Team presents recommendations for temporary uses to City Council.


Supporting Documents


Staff report to City Council for Mobile Food Vending Pilot – December 19, 2017


Staff report to City Council – August 22, 2017


Memorandum to City Council – July 21, 2017


Staff Report to Council – May 23, 2017      Site A/Site B


Conceptual Site Plan


Request for Expression of Interest for temporary programming at 68 Haywood Street