Local Historic Landmarks

The Executive Committee of the Historic Resources Commission is responsible for guiding policy and setting procedures relating to the local landmark program and maintaining a study list of qualifying properties. The committee will occasionally review the application process, conduct site visits to proposed landmarks, review landmark applications and make recommendations to the full commission as to whether the significance and integrity of the property rises to the level of a local landmark.

The committee has established a study list policy and annually reviews and updates the study list, conducts research and may prepare designation reports for properties on the list as needed. The committee may establish and carry out other programs as determined by the members. Such programs may include but not be limited to recognizing historically significant sites in the region that do not qualify as landmarks, to promote their preservation, restoration, or adaptive re-use, to honor enduring symbols of our local history and to support heritage tourism.

Alterations to local landmark properties are subject to design review by the Historic Resources Commission and must receive Certificates of Appropriateness prior to commencement of work. Projects will be reviewed under the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for Rehabilitation.


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Local Historic Landmark Designation Ordinances


Albemarle Inn

Asheville City Building

Beaufort Lodge

Biltmore Industries

Bynum House

Carroll House/Homewood

Carter-Swain House

Cedarcrest (William Breese House)

Drhumor Building

Ellington House

Flat Iron Building

Grove Arcade (Design Guidelines)

Grove Park Inn Country Club Clubhouse

Hammond-Knowlton House

J. M. Westall House

Jacob Weaver House

Kenilworth Inn

Kress Building

Lewie Muller Griffith House

Loughran Building

National Bank of Commerce

North Market Street/Langren Alley

O. B. Wright House

Old Pack Memorial Library

Overlook (Seely’s Castle)

Patton-Parker House

Princess Anne Hotel

Public Service Building

Rankin-Bearden House


Reynolds Summer House

Rice-Cornell-Brown House

Richard Sharp Smith House

S & W Cafeteria

Samuel Harrison Reed House

Smith-McDowell House

F. A. Sondley House

South Asheville Cemetery

The Spinning Wheel

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Stephens Lee Gymnasium

The Manor

The Manor Gate House

Thomas Wolfe Cabin

Thomas Wolfe House

Von Ruck House

Walton Street Park and Pool

William Nelson Camp, Jr. House

Young Men’s Institute