Homeless Resources/Citizen Guidance

The City of Asheville is committed to Ending Homelessness and it will take a collective will, sufficient, targeted resources and a compassionate community willing to be a part of the solution. It will also take Housing.

The City of Asheville serves as local lead of the HUD (Department of Housing & Urban Development) Continuum of Care (CoC) Program designed to promote community wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.

The City’s immediate and constant goal is to end chronic homelessness and build the homeless service system we need to best serve people experiencing homelessness. These goals are reflected in Council’s 2036 Vision: Chronic homelessness is a thing of the past, and rapid rehousing strategies abound thanks to an effective network of service providers.

The City is actively hearing from community members who want to help end homelessness, as well as those with concerns. Our hope is that this website can not only showcase what the City is doing to End Homelessness, but also point community members to Resources & Solutions, as well as ways to best address their Concerns about our homeless population.

Recent Press Releases


Resources & Partnerships


*Please note it takes an average of $30,000 – $50,000 per-person, per-year for homeless services including medical treatments, incarceration, shelter, etc.  $13,000 is the average cost per-person, per-year to provide permanent housing with supportive services.


Citizen Concerns & Guidance

I believe I have Homeless individuals where I live, work, play?


I’m worried about Trash / Sanitation?

  • Call 828-259-5857 – City of Asheville Sanitation Division


I’m worried about Needles / Biohazard Materials?

  • Call 828-259-5857 – City of Asheville Sanitation Division


I see Criminal Activity?

  • The threshold should be, “if a police officer saw you or I engaged in the activity/behavior observed by the caller, would you or I get arrested?” If the answer is ‘yes’ – call 828-252-1110 – APD Non-Emergency. 
  • For any call where the caller has observed an imminent threat to public safety or health, call 9-1-1.
  • How to file a police report


I want to file a letter of No-Trespass for my private property

*Please note the “No Trespass” letter in only effective if there are “No Trespassing” signs reasonably posted on the property.


I’ve noticed someone sleeping in a car?



For general concerns regarding Encampments, the City of Asheville contracts with Homeward Bound for street outreach services targeted to serve people experiencing homelessness. To make the most appropriate referral, contact Mike DeSerio (mike@homewardboundwnc.org or call 828-768-3435) with the following information:

    • Exactly where is this encampment located?
    • Do you know if this encampment is located on private property?
      • If yes, have you spoken to the property owner about your concerns?
        • Please note that no action on private property, including trash pickup, can be taken without the property owner’s permission.
      • Private property owners who want to enforce no-trespass on their property should contact APD at 828-252-1110. 
    • On what days and at what time of day are you directly observing activity in this encampment?
    • Approximately how many people are encamped at this site?
    • Are you aware of any potential safety risks at the site? (flammables, poisons, firearms or other weapons, biohazards, etc.)
    • If the Encampment is on NCDOT property, please contact NCDOT here.
    • Please note tents, sheltering or camping are not allowed on City-owned property, including City Parks.


We ask for your patience and empathy as it can be difficult to handle many of these above situations.  Thank you for your understanding.


City Compliance and Regulation

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Remember … 

  • If you have an emergency, Dial 911.
  • If you have a non-emergency, Call 828-252-1110 and report the issue.
  • If you have a community concern around homelessness that you feel is ongoing that needs attention, please email your concern to HelpEndHomelessness@ashevillenc.gov


Contact Information:
Emily Ball – Homeless Strategy Division Manager