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South Slope Vision Plan

Happening Now

February 2022 

The draft plan of the South Slope Vision Plan has been released.  You can view sections of the plan and give feedback by visiting the Public Input Site

You can view or download the entire plan here (12 MB file)



February 28, 2022   Release of the Draft Plan
February 28 – March 28 Public Comment period open
March – April Staff review of comments and edits to plan
Spring 2022 Final draft released
  Downtown Commission review of the plan
Spring/Early Summer Planning & Zoning Commission review of the plan
  City Council review of plan






Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Vision Plan be used once it’s adopted?

The South Slope Vision Plan provides a visionary framework to help guide continued long-term development, and provides an essential tool that will be used across the City’s departments.  Some pieces of the plan are aspirational and the specific visions may not necessarily come to fruition based on the available funding and priorities of the community and City Council.   

What happens to the comments I make? 

Staff will collect all comments during the public input period, February 24 – March 24. After that, we will take all comments into consideration, and our staff will balance the comments to revise the plan. 

What is the approval process for the plan? 

The Vision Plan will be reviewed by several bodies.  The Asheville Downtown Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission will review the final draft plan and make a recommendation to City Council.  City Council is the final reviewing body and will hold a public hearing on whether to adopt the plan.  

Why is this called the South Slope Vision Plan? 

The City of Asheville took the name of the South Slope that has been coined by the businesses and residents in a part of the study area.   However it is clear that the mixed-use area of focus is a part of the larger, historical Southside community and many continue to identify it that way. Community members in the residential portion of Southside are beginning a planning effort and will eventually have a plan for that area. Consequently, to avoid  confusion with the planning efforts underway in the Southside residential neighborhood this plan is called “South Slope: A Southside Neighborhood“.   


The South Slope Visioning process is a planning process led by the City of Asheville with the community and business stakeholders in the South Slope study area to develop a long term vision for the area.  The process started in late 2017, and is now coming to completion.   Once the plan is finalized, it will be presented to City Council for adoption. Staff will then work with the community to implement the community’s vision for the South Slope. 

The objectives of the South Slope Vision Plan are to:

  • Assess and prioritize multimodal transportation and streetscape and intersection improvements (in coordination with the Asheville in Motion Plan).
  • Promote quality development by identifying preferred land uses, strategies for encouraging innovative and sustainable forms of development, and evaluating city-owned property for its highest and best use.
  • Contribute to a strong local economy by facilitating private investment, job growth, small business and entrepreneurship.
  • Preserve and encourage a unique sense of place by celebrating the people and culture of the area, past and present.
  • Ensure the safety of all who work, live and visit the district.
  • Assess existing and needed infrastructure that will support a growing tax base.

Community representatives on the South Slope Advisory committee are:

  • Rae Adams, Wehrloom Honey & Meadery
  • Greg Benton, NC-DOT
  • Brent Campbell, Downtown Commission
  • Brian DeWine, Asheville Tourists
  • Roy Harris, Southside neighborhood
  • Craig Jeffries, Asheville Downtown Association, Downtown Asheville Residential Neighbors (DARN)
  • Pat Kappes, Explore Asheville CVB
  • Rhea Lidowski, Chemist Spirits
  • Chris Medlin, NC-DOT 
  • Gillian Phillips, Buncombe County
  • Robin Raines, Downtown Commission
  • Leah Rainis, Asheville Brewers Alliance
  • Crystal Reid, Lee Walker Heights
  • Paul Roberts, NC-DOT
  • Meghan Rogers, Asheville Downtown Association
  • Austin Tyler, Mission Hospital
  • Jason Walls, Duke Progress

Contact Information

Sasha Vrtunski
Urban Planner and South Slope Project Manager