8 River Arts Place

drawing of 8 River Arts PlaceGifted to the City by PSNC Energy, this building was renovated and is open to the public for use as of July 21, 2017. One section of the building is open with public restrooms from dawn to dusk daily.

The long term plan is for the City to look for a single tenant for this space. During RADTIP construction, the building use will be tested for a variety of purposes including short-term rentals, event space and meeting space all geared towards enhancing the culture and character of the river district.


To request use of the space please contact Marcia Hart at 259-5743.


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Fees and Charges

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Council Adopted Purpose for the space


Building Rental Frequently Asked Questions


What are the building specs?

  • 1064 SF indoor rental space, 28 x 38 feet
  • 1310 SF outdoor deck space, capacity of 40 people, 8 people at 5 tables (60 inch rounds)
  • 13 parking spaces
  • Venue Capacity: Standing & Reception: 170 people; Classroom: 121 people; Banquet: 120 people at 60 inch rounds (15 tables of 8)
  • Venue only has heat; does not have air conditioning.
  • Wi-Fi is available.


I know the date of my event. What is the process to request to reserve the space?

If you know the date of your event please fill out the Rental Request Form. You will receive an email letting you know the space is held for your date. To confirm the date you must complete the rental agreement contract and send in a check for a $200 refundable deposit.


How much does it cost to rent 14 Riverside Drive ?

See details about the City Council approved Fees and Charges here.


When is the payment for the rental due? 

Payment for your rental is due 30 days from the date of the event. Payment is due immediately for reservations which are made less than 30 days from the event date.


Is there prep room for catering?

No, there is no separate space for catering prep. Caters can prep in their van or off site. Water for chafing dishes is available in the utility sink. It is recommended to bring in potable water. Most Asheville caters can accommodate this type of request.


Are tables or chairs included in the rental?

No. There are no permanent tables or chairs in the building. It is a blank canvas.


Is there AV in the room?

No. There is no permanent audio or visual equipment in the space.


Is there outdoor water or electric?  

There is no outdoor water access. There is outdoor power access, however it is not enough to power sound, lights and live music. It is recommended to use a generator or split your power needs between multiple sources.


Where can we park?

13 parking spaces are in the parking lot. There are 2 public lots up the street on Riverside Drive and a public lot at Craven and Emma. It is recommended you consider shuttles or ride sharing for large events.


How will construction in the area affect this building?

Construction for the River Arts District Transportation Improvement Project (RADTIP) will continue until 2020. As part of this project Riverside Drive road work will be happening around this building. There will be noise and construction in this area and it will be disruptive.


Can I have alcohol at this building?

Yes. You will need to have permits through NC ABC to sell or serve alcohol at 8 River Arts Place. You are required to provide a copy of your permits before you will be given access to the building.


What other permits do I need?

Additional City permits may be required depending on the size of your event. Please discuss this with City staff to determine if this is needed.


Do I need insurance to rent this venue?

Yes, you or one of your vendors must show proof of insurance to use this building. You must carry $1,000,000 of insurance for your event and show proof of insurance with the City listed as the additional insured. You are required to provide a copy of your insurance before you will be given access to the building.


Are there public restrooms?

Yes. The restrooms for this space are open to the public from dawn until dusk 7 days a week. Restroom usage can be extended with rental.


Contact Information

Marcia Hart



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