Zoning and Development

General Information & Development Resources

The following link to useful resources to learn about development currently ongoing in the city, the laws that govern development, and maps that can help you see where development is happening in addition to geospatial information about the city. 

Current Development Projects in Review, on Simplicity 
This is a collection of all the current, large scale (level II or higher) development projects, in the City of Asheville. It provides a general overview of current development and links to the specific information of each project. Broadly, Simplicity is the best introduction for learning about development and the development process in Asheville, as it provides a simplified description of development types, processes, and links to specific activities within the city. 

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Chapter 7
This is a digital copy of the text which regulates land development, subdivision, and use within the City of Asheville. It contains detailed information on each zoning district, allowable uses therein, and development standards for the spectrum of development activities. This is the text which legally governs development in the City of Asheville. 

Map Asheville
The city mapping service that is used internally to reference spatial questions related to zoning, stormwater, streets, and a variety of other spatial questions that arise from land development. 

Citizen Access Portal
This is public access to the permit database for the City of Asheville. It can be used to search for permits on current and completed development activities at properties within the City of Asheville. Note, before 2019 a considerable portion of permit review was completed in paper and has not been digitized. For detailed record requests please complete a FOIL request with the city clerk.

Zoning Maps
This links to the collection of digital maps maintained by the department of Planning and Urban Design for various geographic information about Asheville.

Developer Information

The following links provide important information for developers looking to start projects in the city, including the application portal and Fees & Charges Manual for city services. Please see the section above on general information to learn about the development process within the City of Asheville. 

Development Portal

Fees & Charges FY 2022-23

Tree Canopy Information – 

  • Development Tree Map This interactive map will assist in finding a tree canopy coverage amount or looking up a resource management district.

Review Boards and Commissions

Development in the City of Asheville is reviewed by multiple boards depending on the type and scale of development. Each of these boards meet monthly to discuss the current development proposals in the city. 

Technical Review Committee (TRC)

The TRC is an administrative staff board that reviews all large development projects (considered level II or higher) for technical compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance. 

Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC)

The PZC is a volunteer board composed of Asheville residents appointed by the City Council. This board makes recommendations on all conditional zoning projects, UDO text amendments, and plans through the legislative process. 

Design Review Committee (DRC)

The DRC is a volunteer board composed of Asheville residents appointed by the City Council. This board makes recommendations on all conditional zoning projects; reviews all development proposals level I and above for compliance with the design review standards for Downtown, Haywood, and River Arts review districts, and all hotels. 

Historic Resources Commission (HRC)

The HRC is a joint city-county voluteer commission composed of residents from both Asheville and Buncombe County. This board is responsible for quasi-judicial reviews of certificates of appropriateness and preliminary subdivision requests for properties located in local historic district overlay districts (Albemarle Park, Biltmore Village, Montford and St. Dunstan’s) as well as local historic landmarks.

Board of Adjustment (BOA)

The BOA is a volunteer board composed of Asheville Residents appointed by the City Council. This board completes quasi-judicial reviews of requests for variance from the UDO and appeals to decisions made by the Zoning Administrator.