Neighborhood Advisory Committee

The Committee consists of nine members, all appointed by City Council, with representation from specific community sectors.  Members shall be residents of the City or the City’s extra-territorial zoning jurisdiction, and shall reflect the socio-economic diversity of Asheville.  The term of office is three years.

The Committee was established to advise the City Council on neighborhoods within the City of Asheville’s zoning and planning jurisdiction.  The Committee shall have the following powers and duties: (1) Develop rules and by-laws for the conduct of its business, including but not limited to meeting schedules, officers, voting, sub-committees; (2) Develop a plan to strengthen neighborhood identity and resilience, and to facilitate communication and cooperation between Asheville’s neighborhoods and City offices; (3) Develop benchmarks and standards by which progress towards implementing the plan can be measured; and (4) Work on special projects that are consistent with the goals of the committee, as assigned or directed by Council. 

The Committee meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Room A109 of the Public Works Building, located at 161 S. Charlotte Street, Asheville, NC.  The normal length of the meeting is 2 hours.

Chair - Elaine Poovey -

Phil Lenowitz  (Vice-Chair/28804 Representative)
Joe Fioccola  (Secretary/28801 Representative)
Greta Bush  (At-Large Representative)
Ken Miller (28806, 28728 Representative)
Barber Melton (28805 Representative)
Spenser Hardaway (28803/28704 Representative)
Billie Buie (At-Large Representative)
Pat Deck (At-Large Representative)
(28806/28728 Representative) Currently Vacant
Gordon Smith {City Council Liaison)
Ashley Traynum-Carson (City Staff Liaison)



2015 Annual Report  

Neighborhood Plan On a Page Summary


Agenda   Approved Minutes Supporting Documents 
April 24, 2017    
March 27, 2017    
February 27, 2017    
January 23, 2017    
January 9, 2017    
2016 Festival of Neighborhoods    
October 24, 2016    
September 26, 2016    
 August  22, 2016    
July 2016 - no meeting    
June 27, 2016    
May 23, 2016  Minutes  
April 25, 2016  Minutes  
March 21, 2016  Minutes  
February 22, 2016  Minutes

  2015 Annual Report                                          
  Staff Report - ADU Wording Amendment                      

January 25, 2016  Meeting cancelled due to weather  
January 11, 2016  Minutes  
 November  23, 2015  Minutes  
October 26, 2015  Minutes  
September 28, 2015  South Asheville Community meeting Minutes  Strengthening Neighborhood Organizational Development
August 24, 2015  Minutes  2015-16  Neighborhood Advisory Committee Annual Plan 
July 2015 - Meeting canceled.     
 June 22, 2015  Minutes  
 May 18, 2015   East  Asheville Community Meeting   
 April 27, 2015  Minutes  
March 23, 2015  Minutes  
February 23, 2015  Minutes  
January 26, 2015  Minutes  
January 12, 2015  Minutes  

City Plans

Plans are developed through extensive community engagement processes, and implementation is considered on an annual basis through the city’s budgetary and business planning cycle.

To see a list of City Plans, click here.