Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is composed of no more than 9 members who will represent the diverse viewpoints of community stakeholders on affordable housing.

The Committee will work in conjunction with City leadership and staff to implement the 2008 Affordable Housing Plan. The specific functions will be:

  • to consider affordable housing policy issues and advise City leadership about those policies;
  • to develop concrete action steps to implement the highest priorities of the Affordable Housing Plan, and to update that Plan as appropriate over time;
  • to advise City leadership and staff regarding affordable housing priorities for the investment of City-controlled funds.

Affordable Housing Policy Recommendations are the result of six months of interviews between the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) and non-profit, for-profit, and public housing developers. The purpose of these interviews was to learn more about developers experiences and perceptions with building affordable housing in the area in order to develop a list of recommendations for increasing future affordable developments. Through these interviews, AHAC identified top priorities and a full list of recommendations to assist City Council in developing more effective policies and incentives.

Contact & Member Information

Chair:  Barry Bialik (

Vice-Chair: Sage Turner

Members:  Randall Barnett, Scott Dedman, Jo Ikelheimer, Barber Melton, Dewana Little, Parker Smith, and Leslie Hennessee

Regular Meeting Schedule 

The Committee’s regular meeting time is the first Thursday of every month at 9:30 a.m., 6th Floor Training Room, Asheville City Hall.

Meeting Documents: 

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting Date Meeting Agenda Additional Meeting Materials 
March 2, 2017  Agenda


Planning Neighborhood Advisory Committee Staff Report 

April 6, 2017  Agenda


HCD Bond Interview Staff Report

May 4, 2017  Agenda


HCD Staff Report- Bond Recommendations

June 1, 2017  Agenda  Minutes
July 6, 2017  Agenda


August 3, 2017  Agenda


HOME/HTF Sales Price Limits 

 September 7, 2017  Agenda Minutes

Staff Report - Fee Rebate Revisions

Con Plan Excerpt 

 October 5, 2017  Agenda  Minutes
 November 2, 2017  Agenda

Draft AHAC Recommendations 

Affordable Housing Programs Spreadsheet


 December 7, 2017  Agenda

Staff Report-Housing Needs

AHAC 2017 Recommendations

Committee Timetable Workplan Draft


 December 14, 2017  Agenda

Comments for proposed planning process

City of Asheville property


January 4,  2018

 Agenda Minutes
 February 1, 2018 Agenda

 minutes posted upon approval

Affordable Housing Prioritization

 March 1 2018 Agenda

AH Pipeline

Program Summary

Rental Subsidy Report

DRAFT-HTF Policy Suggestions

Memo: 2018 HTF Policy Review

DRAFT-Committee Timetable Workplan

LAS Presentation

 April 5 2018 Agenda Minutes posted upon approval


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Staff Contact 

Heather Dillashaw, Director of Community and Economic Development