Site Plan Review & Inspections

Site Plan review involves many different departments of the city including but not limited to Planning & Development, Engineering, Building Safety, Fire, and Public Works. Plans are routed to all departments simultaneously so that comments can be made and compiled in a time effective manner. Use the links to the left for more information on the plan review for your project type.

Once you submit your permit application, the maps, construction documents and plans included with your application are reviewed by technical experts to ensure compliance with development codes and regulations. As each reviewer completes the review, he or she will either "sign-off" on the approval or return marked-up plans with comments to the customer for revisions. When the necessary approvals are obtained, you will receive a permit to begin work.

Level I Projects

These projects are subject to ministerial plan review, which means that are reviewed and approved at a city staff level.
Level I Checklist (>10,000 square feet)
Level I Sketch Plan Checklist (< 10,000 square feet)

Level II Projects (35,000-100,000 square feet or 20-50 multi-family units)

Level II projects are reviewed by city staff and the Technical Review Committee. The TRC process includes an opportunity for public input.

Level III Projects (above 100,000 square feet or 50 units) & Major Subdivisions

Level II projects are reviewed by city staff, the Technical Review Committee, the Planning & Zoning Commission and Asheville City Council. This process provides multiple opportunities for public input including a public hearing.

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