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City of Asheville Development Services Department contact phone numbers are staffed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

While the office is closed due to Coronavirus precautions, DSD staff will continue to work in accordance with all health guidelines and can be reached by phone and email:

Staff Directory


Inspector Directory


DSD Main Line: 828-259-5846


Planner of the Day: 828-259-5450


Building Code Hotline: 828-259-5967


Stormwater and Grading Hotline: 828-259-5670


Schedule an inspection


Schedule next-day inspections by phone by 4:30 pm: 828-259-5946

Schedule next-day inspections online by 6:00 pm:

1. Login to your Citizen Access account and search for your permit number

2. Click “Record Info”

3. Click “Inspections”



Updated 03/11/2020


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Apply for residential and commercial electrical, gas piping, plumbing, mechanical, re-roof, or multi-trade permits.

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City of Asheville releases draft Noise Ordinance revisions, launches survey 

Update: The survey deadline has been extended to Dec. 11.   The City of Asheville’s Noise Ordinance revisions are getting closer to Council consideration. But before staff brings them to Council, we want to bring them to you, our residents.   Visit the City’s informational webpage about the Noise Ordinance to review the draft revisions [...]

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Asheville City Council hears tree canopy protection amendment

    At Asheville City Council’s Aug. 25 meeting, City staff presented an ordinance focused on the preservation, enhancement and expansion of the City’s tree canopy as it relates to private land development activity.    The proposed changes will ask developers to consider the tree canopy and require that they keep a portion of the trees in place, plant [...]

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City of Asheville expands flexibility for business use of sidewalks in addition to private lots

    The City of Asheville is committed to advancing ways of using space to support economic recovery and community needs while prioritizing public health and safety, and recognizes the importance of being flexible and nimble as needs and priorities evolve. In response to stakeholder input and public health guidance, the City is launching new initiatives to [...]