Building Plan Review & Inspections

Once you submit your permit application, the maps, construction documents and plans included with your application are reviewed by technical experts to ensure compliance with development codes and regulations. As each reviewer completes the review, he or she will either "sign-off" on the approval or return marked-up plans with comments to the customer for revisions. When the necessary approvals are obtained, you will receive a permit to begin work.

Building Plan Review reviews all applications for new construction, alteration, renovation, change of use or occupancy to residential and commercial buildings within the city limits of the City of Asheville. The Building Plan Review staff is available to answer technical questions about the North Carolina State Building Code can assist you with most questions at(828) 259-5846. Process and routing questions should be directed to the Development Services Department staff as most applications require multiple department sign-offs prior to issuance of permits.

Contact Information
Jay Eichhorn Interim Process Manager
PH: (828) 259-5663 CELL: (828) 778-0761
Mark Matheny Plan Review Coordinator PH: (828) 259-5667 CELL: (828)778-0754
Will Crater Plan Reviewer PH: (828) 259-5628
Marni Graves
Plan Reviewer
PH: (828) 259-5845
Kimberly Levi Plan Reviewer PH: (828) 232-4584
Frank Rapp Plan Reviewer
PH: (828) 259-5609