The City of Asheville maintains a beautiful and growing system of greenways throughout the city for your recreation and transportation enjoyment. We invite you to grab your bike, hiking boots, or tennis shoes and explore the following completed greenways.

Swannanoa Greenway Updates 

Public Meeting is scheduled for January 16, 2019 from 5pm - 7pm at Highland Brewery. Join staff to hear updates on design options and give your input. 

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Greenways Master Plan

2013 Greenway Master Plan Updates with Map

Asheville’s varied topography and natural features affords a variety of experiences for the greenway users. Presently, most greenways are situated along stream, creek, and river corridors although mountain side and forested corridors will eventually be added to the mix. Many of Asheville’s existing greenways are located within individual parks where they compliment other recreational amenities. All greenway are designed to be handicap accessible.

The Asheville Parks, Recreation, Cultural Arts and Greenways Master Plan was approved in 2009 and includes a map of recommended greenways. The current Master Plan classifies greenways as “High” and “Medium” priority depending on the scale of connectivity they provide, land availability, availability of funds and construction feasibility.

Existing Greenways


French Broad River Greenway
Length : 2.83 miles
Width : 8 feet
Surface : Asphalt
Used for : Walking, biking, strollers, dogs on leash
Hours: Dawn to dusk
Special considerations : In a flood prone area
Restrooms : French Broad River Park and Carrier Park
Features : Velodrome, playground, reservable picnic shelter
Benches : Yes
Connects to: French Broad River Park and dog park, Carrier Park, Velodrome,
Hominy Creek River Park, State Street
Parking : Carrier Park, French Broad River Park

Glens Creek Greenway
glens Length : 0.9 miles
Width : 8 feet
Surface : Asphalt
Used for: Walking, biking, strollers, dogs on leash
Hours : Dawn to dusk
Special considerations:
Restrooms : Botanical Gardens, Weaver Park
Features : None
Benches : Yes
Connects to : Weaver Park, UNCA, USDA Forest Service Southern Research
Station, MAHEC, Hanger Hall School for Girls, Botanical Gardens
Parking : Botanical Gardens, Weaver Park

Reed Creek Greenway
reed Length : 0.7 miles
Width : 8 feet
Surface : Asphalt
Used for: Walking, biking, strollers, dogs on leash
Hours : Dawn to dusk
Special considerations:
Restrooms : None
Features : Interpretive sign language regarding the history of Reed Creek and
Benches : No
Connects to : Glens Creek Greenway, UNCA, USDA Forest Service Research
Station, Pioneer Building
Parking : on road in Montford side streets
River Bend Park Greenway
River bend Length : 0.46 miles
Width : 8 feet
Surface : Asphalt
Used for : Walking, biking, strollers, dogs on leash
Hours : Dawn to dusk
Special considerations : In a flood prone area
Restrooms: Wal-mart
Benches : Yes
Connects to: Shopping
Parking : Wal-mart

In Progress

The River to Ridge Greenway and Trail Network will be a connection of continuous greenways that encircle the downtown area with the River Arts District and French Broad River greenways, the South Slope Greenway Connector, Beaucatcher Greenway and the Urban Trail. This greenway network will provide a unique experience for any local or tourist that will allow access to two of Asheville’s most special natural assets: the French Broad River and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Once completed, the network with have 10.25 miles of connected greenways and trails.

The River to Ridge Network will encompass the existing segments of the French Broad River Greenway that is currently 2.83 miles in length connecting the French Broad River Park to the Hominy Creek River Park via Amboy Park, Carrier Park, and RiverLink’s future Karen Cragnolin Park. The River to Ridge Greenway Network also include a half-mile-long section of the greenway that is behind the New Belgium Brewing Company.

The remaining greenways and greenway connector projects are shovel ready and pending construction or waiting on funding.

Under Construction

map of RADTIP

The RADTIP project is a transformational project that will enhance the River Arts District with a safer road, flood mitigation measures, sidewalks, separated bike lanes, public art and new gardens. It will also include a new greenway. The French Broad River East Bank corridor will have a 2.2 mile long section that will be completed in this construction project. The section will being at Hill St. and Riverside Drive and terminate at the Amboy Road Bridge. You can follow the construction schedule for this project here.

Pending Construction

french broad river greenway

The French Broad River West Bank corridor has a shovel-ready project that will close the gap between the half-mile section of the greenway on New Belgium’s property at Craven Street and the French Broad River Park (near the dog park area). Once completed this project will be just over 1 mile long. This greenway will feature information on the indigenous edible plants in the area and have volunteer led edible gardens. This greenway has the nickname “The Edible Mile.”

This area is closed for construction preparations. Construction will begin Spring 2019.






Town Branch Greenway

The Town Branch Greenway is a ¾-mile-long greenway that starts at the Grant Southside Center on Depot Street and Livingston Street and terminates at Phifer Street near the McDowell and Southside intersection. This greenway lies on flat terrain along the banks of the creek called Town Branch. This is an important East/West connection in the greenway network. This greenway will feature a series of interpretive signs about the devastating impact of the razing of the Southside Community, a historically African American community, due to urban renewal. The City of Asheville is currently working on the signage and is seeking first-hand information from the Southside residents to finalize the story on the signs.

Construction will begin Spring 2021.


Shovel Ready but Pending Funding


Bacoate Branch GreenwayThe Bacoate Branch Greenway, formerly called the Clingman Forest Greenway, is a half-mile-long greenway corridor that runs through a preserved urban forest in the WECAN (West End/Clingman Avenue) neighborhood. This greenway is named after the stream that runs through the property, which was recently named in honor of Ossie Bacoate, mother of Matthew Bacoate, a well-known African-American businessman in Asheville. Osie was an businesswoman herself.








Beaucatcher Greenway

The Beaucatcher Greenway is a 1.25-mile-long greenway designed to connect Memorial Stadium to the historic (and reputably haunted) Helen’s Bridge. This greenway will also have a spur trail to connect a future park, the White Fawn Overlook Park on the top of Beaucatcher Mountain off of Reservoir Road. Currently, the City is contemplating building the entire greenway to the finalized plans or to modify the construction to be able to build acces sections at either end that enhance public access and safety and can be built with existing funds.


Currently Being Designed and Planned

Greenway Connectors are on-road projects designed to direct greenway visitors from one greenway trailhead to another, safely and easily. Two greenway connectors are currently being designed. The Depot Street Greenway Connector will connect the western end of Town Branch Greenway with the Bacoate Branch and French Broad River East Bank Greenway (the “RADTIP greenway”). And the South Slope Greenway Connector will connect the eastern end of Town Branch Greenway to Beaucatcher Greenway. The combined length of these connectors is approximately 1.1 miles. This project is also a wayfinding project.

Swannanoa River Greenway Phases One and Two

  • The Swannanoa River Greenway Phase One is a transportation bond project. This section of the Swannanoa River Greenway corridor is approximately 3.5 miles in length. It will start at the eastern end of Thompson Street near Biltmore Village and travel to Azalea Park along the Swannanoa River. A feasibility analysis for this greenway will begin in early 2018.
  • The Swannanoa River Greenway Phase Two is a corridor study funded by the NCDOT Bike and Ped Division. It will explore the most logical alignment for the second section of the Swannanoa River Greenway. This study area will begin on where the Phase One study ends and travel west to Biltmore Avenue. 

aprca pic greenways

Contact Information

Lucy Crown, Greenways Coordinator
Transportation Department
70 Court Plaza, Asheville NC 28801
Phone: 828-259-5805

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