Metered Parking

Metered parking is found throughout Asheville’s Central Business District of Downtown Asheville. Parking meters are available for short term parking usage, with a two-hour maximum limit.  The rate for all meters is $1.50 per hour. Longer term parking is available in our parking lots and parking garages.

Payment at parking meters is required between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Payment is not required on Sundays, nor designated City Holidays. Payments can be made with coins or credit cards at most meters in the downtown area. We only accept Visa or Mastercard payments.  You may also make payment via app or by phone through Passport Parking or by calling 828-357-4911. 

When using Passport be sure to enter the Zone # and Space number excluding any leading zeros.

ADA Accessible Parking

ADA Accessible parking is found throughout Asheville’s Central Business District of Downtown Asheville. Spaces are available for parking usage for those with a valid ADA placard or an in date ADA license plate. On-Street ADA spaces are free for use, however on street metered parking must still be paid even if a valid placard/tag which is $1.50 per hour with a two hour maximum limit. Longer term parking in our garages also have ADA Accessible parking spaces if available, rates also apply. The rate for all City owned Garages is 1st hour free with a $2.00 per hour rate thereafter with a $20 per day daily maximum. 

Permit Parking

We offer on-street permitted parking in several areas within downtown Asheville. Permitted spaces are available on a month-to-month basis and are first come, first serve. These spaces are reserved from 8am to 6pm Monday through Saturday.  

To sign up for monthly parking at your preferred on-street zone (see prices and descriptions below), please:

  1. Visit our monthly parking permit portal;
  2. Select the Sign Up option;
  3. Select the permit type you would like to purchase;
  4. Provide the requested information.

If monthly parking space is available within the location you selected, you will be emailed a confirmation to finalize your purchase. If space is not available, you will be notified via email. On-street permit parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis; there are no waiting lists at this time. If space is not available, check out our other monthly permit options in our garages and lots.

Permit Parking Areas

Permit Parking Areas



Green Zone
Grove Street – between Patton Avenue and Hilliard Avenue
Maroon Zone
North French Broad Avenue – between Patton Avenue and Otis Street
Yellow Zone
South Market Street – between Beaumont Street and South Market Street Extension
Oak Street (between College Street and Woodfin Street) $40.00
Red Zone
Elm Street – between Liberty Street South, and Central Avenue
Central Avenue – between Elm Street and Woodfin Street
Woodfin Street – between Central Avenue and Oak Street/College Street
Blue Zone
Aston Street – between South Lexington Avenue and Coxe Avenue

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