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Get outdoors in April with Asheville Parks & Recreation

Thanks to comfortable temperatures and ample options for outdoor adventures, U.S. News & World Report recently named Asheville one of the top destinations in the world to visit in spring. Coming as no surprise to those who live here, April is a great time to explore the city. The outdoor experts at [...]

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Work out for free at APR fitness centers

Asheville Parks & Recreation (APR) recently renovated fitness centers at Linwood Crump Shiloh and Stephens-Lee community centers – and community members can enjoy use of cardio equipment, exercise machines, free weights, open gym time, and more through June 30, 2023. During this time, APR will waive membership and daily pass fees so [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: Pick the right resolution for the best chance of success

If you’re making a New Year’s resolution, you’re not alone. Anyone who’s ever been to one of Asheville Parks & Recreation’s fitness centers during the first couple of months of the year has witnessed the arrival of “resoluters” thin by the week.  Limited research concludes somewhere between 9-12 percent of those who set a resolution [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: Stay organized at work

You’re rushing to get out the door, but can’t find your keys. Or your water bottle. Or something else that was just in your hand. Does this common scenario sound familiar? After months of staying close to home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people emerged more organized than ever before. For those who’ve been [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: Develop an attitude of gratitude

As Thanksgiving Day arrives, many people start thinking about the word thanksgiving. It means the act of expressing grateful appreciation or thankfully reflecting on gifts, situations, or people that have brought benefits to your quality of life. Essentially, it’s an affirmation of goodness. Although it’s endearing to nostalgically think back on sources of goodness, expressing gratitude [...]

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Wellness Wednesday – Daylight Saving Time can help recharge your sleep pattern

“Hello darkness, my old friend. Soon you’ll come at 5 p.m.” Is that how the lyrics go? The twice-yearly ritual of adjusting our clocks by an hour returns this weekend.  Daylight saving time (DST) in North Carolina officially begins at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March when clocks are set ahead by one hour [...]

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Wellness Wednesday – Do you have a holiday wellness plan?

Making a holiday wellness plan can help you stick to your goals and avoid playing catch up with a long list of New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve already been working on a goal or are just starting, it’s important to set realistic expectations and track your progress.

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Wellness Wednesday – Make a budget and stick to it

Before running a long distance race, many people start with a Couch to 5K training plan. The nine-week plan was designed to take someone from a couch potato to running 5,000 kilometers (around 3.1 miles) or 30 minutes. The plan is successful for many people because it builds slowly without overwhelming those working towards an [...]