crew of workers wearing safety vests and hard hats repairing water line below surface level

McDowell Street Water Line Replacement

Happening Now Starting in late June/July 2024, Hyatt Pipeline, LLC will replace approximately 6,600 feet of 12-inch water line on Short McDowell Street and on McDowell Street from Meadow Road to Southside Avenue. As much work as possible will be done at night to minimize traffic disruption.   (function (c, i, t, y, z, e, n, x) { [...]

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Asheville Asks: Why is my water bill late?

Why is my water bill arriving later than usual? With existing water meters reaching the end of their battery life and no longer able to remotely transmit usage data, Water Resources Department crews are having to manually read them. It takes more time to manually read a meter – which requires staff to physically inspect it [...]

drink this that shows a view of reservoir, not that showing bottles of water

Bottled water vs. tap water? In Asheville, the answer is easy.

In recent years, many cities have been in the news when water from their distribution systems did not meet national safe drinking water standards. It’s easy to understand why more and more residents are feeling concerned about their water. Some are choosing bottled water over tap, because they think it’s a safer alternative. However, take [...]

tanya rose and leslie carreiro accept the ISO 14001 environmental award

City of Asheville Water Resources Department celebrates 20 years of environmental certification

In January 2004, the City of Asheville Water Resources Department became the first water utility in North Carolina to achieve International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is an environmental certification, received by third-party accredited auditors NSF International. Today, Water Resources proudly celebrates 20 years of environmental certification. The award is presented to [...]

Shiloh Water Service Line Inventory and Replacement

The City of Asheville Water Resources has received a $2 Million grant to help determine the water service line material on both sides of a water meter –  the utility- and customer-owned sections. The grant will allow the City to replace any water service lines that are found to be lead or galvanized iron pipe on both the utility- and customer-owned sections.