Street Maintenance


The City of Asheville currently maintains approximately 404 miles of streets and 195 miles of sidewalk within the city. Asheville has a total 564 miles of City and State maintained streets within the city limits.

City crews, including three concrete maintenance crews, one sidewalk crew, one asphalt crew and one preventative maintenance crew, currently handle such street projects as:

Street repairs: asphalting potholes, replacing curbs and gutters, repairing right-of-way cuts, resurfacing sidewalks and providing emergency street service. Is my street a City-maintained street? 

Snow removal: Emergency services include snow removal where service is prioritized by major arterioles (first priority), and minor through streets and residential streets (second priority). All city bus routes are first priority streets. View a map of snow removal priorities.

 Roadside mowing: Street crews also mow and maintain about 750 miles of roadside vegetation.

Street sweeping: Street crews sweep downtown four nights each week as well as Biltmore Village one night each week.

Service requests

Report a pothole 828-259-5852

Need to report a pothole? To report potholes, other maintenance needs call (828) 259-5852. Call 9-1-1 to report serious street emergencies like a street collapse or sink hole.

Keeping Sidewalk and Grass Strips Clean and Unobstructed

Public Works staff building a sidewalk

Grass, weeds, debris, as well as bush and tree limb overgrowth on and around sidewalks and curbs continue to be a problem, especially towards the end of summer. Vegetation overgrowth and debris on and around sidewalks affect the safety of pedestrians having to avoid the obstruction and give Asheville an unkempt look. Also, during the winter months, weather events that accumulate snow and ice can cause the sidewalk to be hazardous or unusable for pedestrians. City of Asheville’s Code of Ordinances, Chapter 16; Street, Sidewalk and Other Public Places, Article I; In General, Section 16-3; Keeping sidewalks, grass strips drainage swales and gutters clear, clean and unobstructed., Sub-section C; Maintenance Requirements., Number 1 through 4. The specific ordinance states as follows:

  1. Sidewalk, curb and grass strip: It shall be the responsibility of the responsible party to ensure that the public sidewalk and curb abutting a property owner’s property are kept clear of dirt, grass, weeds, mud trash, debris and vegetation of any kind to prevent a hazard to the public. The vegetation shall be removed, cut or trimmed so as not to require a pedestrian to take evasive action to avoid physical contact with the same or otherwise hinder the safe passage of pedestrians. The grass strip between the sidewalk and curb is to be kept mowed to a height not to exceed eighteen (18) inches.
  2. Drainage swales: The responsible party that has a drainage swale running along the street that abuts the responsible party's property shall mow and otherwise properly maintain such swale so that it can continue to serve its proper drainage function.
  3. Ice: The responsible party whose property abuts a paved sidewalk upon which ice may in any manner accumulate from any source other than from a weather event, shall remove such ice from the sidewalk on or before 10:00 a.m. each day in which the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Weather event: The responsible party whose property abuts a paved sidewalk, shall remove snow, hail, sleet and other similar accumulation from such within forty-eight (48) hours after the snow, hail, sleet or other similar accumulation ceases to fall.

Please help the community by keeping the sidewalks, curb, grass strip, and drainage swales around your property clean and clear. If you see problem on or around sidewalks, please call the Streets Services Division's Code Enforcement Officer at (828) 259-5749 to report concerns. We will follow up with the complaint and remind adjacent property owners of their obligation to keep Asheville looking great.

Permanent Street Closures

North Carolina State law grants cities the power to permanently close rights-of-way within their city limits. The City of Asheville may permanently close any right-of-way, whether or not it has been developed or maintained, provided the closure does not deny any owner a reasonable means of access to their property and the closure does not violate the public interest.

Individuals seeking to have a right-of-way closed may submit a petition to the Public Works Department along with a $4,000 processing fee (non-refundable). Following an investigation by city staff and a formal four-week notification period, City Council will hold a public hearing and vote whether or not to close the right-of-way.

For further information or to request forms for petitioning to close a right-of-way, contact the Public Works Department at (828) 259-5852.

Temporary Street Closures

The City maintains a list of permitted street closures by the Transportation and Engineering Department. Temporary repair closures by the Department of Public Works and closure information for state roads managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County (MSD) are not included.

street and sidewalk closures

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Contact Information
Streets Services Division

Chad Bandy, Street Services Manager
Physical address: Public Works Building, 161 S. Charlotte St.
Mailing address: P. O. Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802

Office: (828) 259-5852
Fax: (828) 259-5832