Sanitation Fees

Current Fees


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As of July 1, 2022, the City of Asheville residents and businesses will be charged a $16.00 monthly solid waste fee on the combined utility bill. This is the bill that comes every other month with fees for water, stormwater, sewer, and solid waste. Additional roll carts are available to customers for a monthly fee of $16.00 for each additional cart. This fee supports the City’s short term operational costs including trash and recycling containers and fuel for collection vehicles. It also funds the long-term waste reduction strategy, including:

  • Increasing costs to run the solid waste collection operation (personnel, equipment, fuel)
  • Reconfiguring collection routes to reduce fuel usage
  • Conducting a residential compost collection feasibility analysis
  • Providing public recycling on sidewalks downtown, on Haywood Road, and in Biltmore Village
  • Providing education about recycling and waste reduction to the general public