How to Prepare Items for Service

Roll Cart Containers

Trash must be placed out for collection by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

What can be placed in the roll cart containers?

Only bagged household trash can be placed in the roll cart containers. Do not place yard waste, brush, or any construction debris in the roll carts. In addition, only 95-gallon roll carts issued by the City can be used with automated collection. Trash left outside the container will not be collected, and containers that are overfilled, blocked, or turned the wrong way cannot be emptied.


What cannot be placed in the roll cart containers?

  • Grass Clippings – Homeowners may compost or leave grass in their yards to fertilize the lawn.
  • Garden Waste – Including vines and waste from flower or vegetable gardens, e.g., corn husks, etc.
  • Medical Waste – Call your medical provider for advice on where to dispose of this material.
  • Construction & Building Materials – Bricks, cement, lumber, plaster, roofing material, and sheet rock can be taken to the landfill by the  homeowner. Call 828- 250-5462.
  • Auto Parts – Antifreeze, motor filters, scrap parts, batteries, and tires. Most stores will take car batteries. Tires can be taken to the landfill by the homeowner.
  • Hazardous Waste – Any liquid or petroleum products such as motor oil, brake fluid, paint, paint thinner, lead acid batteries, wood preservatives and wood stains, drain and oven cleaners, poison, herbicides, pesticides, etc.


Notice: Carts must be placed at least five feet from obstacles such as other trash or recycling containers, utility poles, mailboxes, trees, and parked cars. Carts must be within two feet of the curb edge. Make sure the container handle faces away from the street toward your home.


Disposal Locations


Residents can take their waste items directly to the Buncombe County Landfill or Transfer Station for disposal. For disposal information call Buncombe County at 828-250-5460.


Updated 3/2/2022