Living Asheville: A Comprehensive Plan for our Future

Asheville is updating its Comprehensive Plan. Living Asheville, A Comprehensive Plan for Our Future will replace the existing City Development Plan 2025, as the primary tool used by the City to guide its long-term development. The Plan will be based on goals set by the community to achieve a vision of what it wants to be. Follow this site for up to date information on the planning process, engagement opportunities and outcomes.

City staff are working with the SOM Planning Team to develop a draft of Living Asheville a Comprehensive Plan for our Future, which will reflect the  community’s vision based on all of the public and stakeholder input received throughout the planning process. 

Over the past year, numerous opportunities have been provided to engage the community and gather input, including traditional methods like a written survey, focus group discussions, and various workshops in both large and small scale settings throughout the city, and non-traditional methods like key pad polling, white board outreach, and conversations with schools, churches and seniors. The engagement also included the input of over 13,000 residents through “Plan on a Page."
Now it’s time to check back in one more time and make sure that we have heard your collective voice and reflected it accurately. Please follow this link to  "Take the Survey" and provide your input.

You can also view a 5 minute video of the Plan here.




Stacy Merten, Project Manager