Fire Education

SparkyThe Asheville Fire Department offers several different types of education and prevention programs that target children, adults and seniors. These programs are delivered to the public at no charge and are presented in the most professional manner. These programs allow us to achieve our mission, which is to protect the lives, property and environment of all people within Asheville by preventing the occurrence and minimizing the adverse effects of fires, accidents and all other emergencies.

If you would like to schedule any of the following programs, please contact the fire and life safety educator coordinator at (828)259-5644.

Adult Education

Fire Safety Tips

Smoke Alarms

Kid's Education


Adult Education

Fire Extinguisher Classes

fire extinguisher classThe Asheville Fire Department will come to businesses, neighborhoods and organizations to educate citizens in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers. The Asheville Fire Department can provide both classroom teachings and hands-on practice to allow each student to physically operate an extinguisher. This type of activity gives the students more confidence in operating an extinguisher if an emergency arises. Not only can the use of an extinguisher prevent monetary loss, but it can prevent loss of life. The fire department encourages all citizens to take advantage of this service now, before an emergency occurs.

Remembering When

Remembering When is a national curriculum geared toward educating older adults on fire and fall safety. At age 65 or older, adults are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires or falls compared to the population at large (NPFA). This program addresses issues that will help remind older adults how to take precautions in life to prevent both falls and fires. This program can be presented to both small and large groups and provides knowledge in an entertaining way.



Fire Safety Tips

Fire Escape Plan

When planning a fire escape plan, be sure to include the whole family and make it a fun project. Using graph paper can help make it easier. Draw the layout of your house including all rooms, doors, windows and exits. Be sure to draw two ways out of each room and have the diagram show where to meet outside and away from the home. The meeting place should be far enough away from the home to avoid emergency responders and keep away from danger. Some examples of a meeting place are: tree, swing set, mailbox, neighbors house, etc.

Smoke Alarms

Working smoke alarms gives you the earliest warning to get out of your home and gives you the best chance to survive a fire in your home!

Did you know…Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, in a common area outside the bedrooms, and at least one on each floor of your house?

Smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years, even when they sound upon testing them?

The Asheville Fire Department is currently performing home safety visits for residents who live within the City of Asheville!  If you live within the city limits, you may be eligible for a home safety visit which includes installing smoke alarms if needed. Please note, if you rent an apartment or house in Asheville, the owner or management company is responsible for installing and repairing smoke alarms.

To submit a request for a smoke alarm please click here.

Fire Extinguishers

The Asheville Fire Department recommends that each home have at least one fire extinguisher rated 2A10BC. Although you should have one near your kitchen, don't place it too close to your stove where a fire is likely to occur. Other good locations might be near heating equipment, near the dryer or in the garage. The Asheville Fire Department offers fire extinguisher classes to the public using the acronym P.A.S.S. (pull, aim, squeeze and sweep).

Matches and Lighters

Children should learn that matches and lighters are TOOLS not TOYS. Adults should remember to always lock up matches and lighters even if they think their children know better not to touch them.

A great reference for fire safety tips can be found at Safety Tips

For information on Child Proofing, visit

Kid's Education

Learn Not To Burn - A program geared toward pre-K children ages 2-4. This program uses a variety of teaching materials and a nationally developed lesson plan that recognizes the learning levels of pre-K children which allows us to educate these children in a non-threatening way.

Station Tours - All fire stations associated with the Asheville Fire Department are open to the public. Citizens can schedule station tours for their families, school groups, church groups, girl/boy scouts and more. Station tours usually include viewing the main areas of the station, the trucks and visiting with the firefighters. Kids will be allowed to sit inside the truck and talk with the firefighters who can educate and answer questions regarding fire safety, fire trucks, and the daily life as a firefighter. Kids will even get to see what a firefighter looks like wearing their turn out gear!