The Asheville Fire Department is dedicated to supporting child passenger safety by providing installation education and assistance upon request. Child passenger safety seats can sometimes have complicated directions, be difficult to install or can present compatibility issues between vehicles and car seats. In fact, locally more than 90 percent of all child passenger safety seats are installed improperly. To ensure a child’s seat is properly installed, refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle and read the manufacturer’s guidelines for the car seat. Additional resources are available at Safe Kids Ultimate Seat Guide.

The Asheville Fire Department has 13 fire stations located throughout the city where several firefighters are trained as child passenger safety seat technicians who can assist you with your installation. Parents and caregivers are welcome to stop by any Asheville Fire Department to get assistance with the installation of their child’s passenger safety seat. Please understand that firefighters may be out on emergency calls, but when at the station they are there to assist.

If you are unable to receive assistance from your local Asheville Fire Station, you may call 828-259-5636 between 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday – Thursday to make an appointment.





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Updated 12/20/2019