Roger McGuire Green sod to be replaced, closing portion of Pack Square Park for a time

Update on the Roger McGuire Green sod replacement After a series of rain delays, weather is finally cooperating for the sod replacement project on the Roger McGuire Green. “We are still waiting for the right weather conditions,” said John A. Gavin, Asheville Parks Planning & Development Manager, said earlier this month. Gavin had hoped the work would begin [...]

Keeping Asheville’s water supply safe: Testing, constant monitoring are key

  It takes more than a pristine water source to deliver safe drinking water to Asheville customers. “City of Asheville water comes from pristine and protected sources: particularly the Bee Tree and North Fork Reservoirs, situated in a 22,000-acre watershed,” said Jade Dundas, Water Resources Director. “But pure water is not enough. You need to ensure that [...]

Burton Street Neighborhood Profile

The Burton Street Community Association, established in 1967 as the Burton Street Advisory Board, was formed for the purpose of promoting the educational, social, economic and cultural welfare of its members, improving the neighborhood through democratic citizen participation and involvement in activities which affect our everyday lives. The Burton Street neighborhood, founded in 1911 by [...]

Applications accepted for Housing Trust Fund

The City of Asheville Community & Economic Development Department is now accepting applications for funding from the City of Asheville’s Housing Trust Fund. Funding is available for affordable housing development, rehabilitation, or preservation of affordable housing units within Asheville’s city limits. The Housing Trust Fund was created in 2000 to provide a source of local [...]

Asheville’s leaf season is upon us and there is a change this year

Because of a dry spring and summer, Asheville should see a spectacular fall leaf season, according to Western Carolina University’s autumnal season prognosticator Kathy Mathews. Peak color could come to the City of Asheville by the middle of October this year. And as the trees put on their fall fireworks show, they’ll begin to shed those [...]

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