UPDATE: City of Asheville Water Department requests water conservation; customers may experience low pressure, discolored water, no water

glass filled with tap water

UPDATE 12/26 at 10 p.m .- 

Due to extremely cold temperatures, the City of Asheville’s Water Resources Department has been experiencing disruptions in the distribution system, including water line breaks. You may notice fluctuations in water pressure, no water, and/or discolored water. The water department crews have been continuously working on these concerns since December 24.  It is extremely important that everyone does their part to conserve water as much as possible until the water system is fully operational again.

We are asking for your help. If you see a water line leak, please report it. You may report a leak by calling Customer Service, 24/7 at 828-251-1122 or by emailing egovutility@ashevillenc.gov.

12/26 at 2:30 p.m.

The extremely low temperatures and high water demand continues to place an unusual strain on the City of Asheville’s water distribution system. Please consider conserving water and delaying unnecessary water use for the next 24-48 hours to help avoid low or no water pressure for all customers.

We understand that this is a difficult ask given both the holidays and cold temperature and we are grateful for your efforts. 

If you need to report a water line break from frozen pipes, please call the City’s Customer Service number at 828-251-1122. The Water Resources Department is available 24/7. The City does not assist customers with indoor plumbing issues but can cut off the water source to help mitigate the situation if a break occurs.