City of Asheville announces Holly Barham to serve as Information Technology Services Director

Holly Barham

Asheville City Manager, Debra Campbell, is pleased to announce that Holly Barham, who has served as the Interim Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) since October 2022, has accepted the position of Information Technology Services Director.

Holly will oversee a team of 27 responsible for providing high-level customer service and quality technical deliverables with professionalism and responsiveness.

“We are pleased to have Holly serve in this critical role,” stated City Manager Debra Campbell. “As a Deputy ITS Director and manager Holly consistently led her teams to implement innovative solutions through strong collaboration with all City departments. She will be an excellent addition to the City’s management team.”

Holly joined the City in 2015 as a Senior Project Manager.  She led a number of critical projects that improved security and the City’s ability to work more effectively through innovative technology solutions. The implementation of the City’s move to Google Suite, for example, positioned the City to seamlessly continue services during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I’ve always been fascinated with how people and technology intersect, and ensuring that technology serves as a bridge, not a divider.” says Barham of using technology in today’s community.