ART Service Alert

Service Alert
Service Alert


Route S4 is now up and running. We will update as road conditions improve.



Some ART routes are back in service. We will update you as City crews continue working on the roads.

The following routes/locations will not be able to be accessed until conditions improve:

170 – No Haw Creek
S5 – No River Ridge
S4 not running
WE1 West – No Walgreens
W1 – No Canterberry Apts.
N3 – Not running
WE1 East – Turn around at the bottom of VA
S2 Not running




City of Asheville crews are out treating and assessing priority one roads, including ART routes.

Services will come back as conditions improve. It is anticipated all service routes will be operational at 9am.

Please continue to monitor City of Asheville website and social media for updates

 Due to current icy roads and weather conditions, ART services on all routes are temporarily suspended.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please monitor City of Asheville social media and website for updates.