Local Homeownership Calculator

The City of Asheville’s Community Development Division follows the mission of partnership to produce, preserve and protect affordable housing, both rental and homeownership, to better align housing costs with overall income.

An individual or families Housing Budget can be difficult to manage in an area with lower wages and higher housing costs, particularly when it comes to homeownership and its opportunity to build wealth.

To assist with understanding what is needed to be a homeowner in the City of Asheville, we’ve created a “Local Housing Calculator” to help provide individuals and families basic financial information as to what it takes to become a homeowner in Asheville.  

We hope this tool can be helpful in your journey towards homeownership, with a reminder to speak with your local bank, mortgage broker, or realtor to learn more about homeownership, as well as to learn more about local, state and federal programs that could be of assistance.  

Good luck with your journey towards homeownership!!